Thursday Book Review: FDT

Coffee and goals

So what is future-directed therapy?

You want something special in your life? 😏

Something good to look forward to?

Then find the light at the end of your tunnel!

Find someone or something that brings you up.

Planning a vacation?

Really want to do or be something more?

It’s all up to you!

You choose.

You decide.

You discover.

Every Thursday I will give an inkling and quick review of what book I am reading, and/or studying. πŸ“–

The book I am studying this week is called, “Think Forward to Thrive.”

It is an enlightening and enlivening book with a purpose.

It helps people discover meaningful goals to work towards.

Plan to be happy 😊

Some goals I’ve set for this summer.

Daily goals

Ode to my Catalpa Tree

My Beautiful Mature Catalpa Tree

In my back yard there are lovely blossoms scattered all around my Catalpa tree.

Under my Catalpa

I sat under the tree inspired to write some poetry.

Catalpa blossoms
Gorgeous fruit pod and blossoms of the Catalpa tree
Heart-shaped leaves

This is what I came up with.

“Ode to My Catalpa Tree.”

By Amy Zents

“Showering Spring flowers sail off my Catalpa tree,

Bearing pods that hang like handmade jewelry.

A tree so stunning beyond compare,

Your heart-shaped leaves so lovely,

Make me stop and stare!”

Lovely State of Bloom

Hubby with a lovely  peony

Our beautiful peonies were in a lovely state of bloom for only 2 or 3 days.

At first the blossoms looked very promising while they were in the bud.

Then one morning we stepped out in the backyard and saw the beautiful peonies in full bloom.

Gorgeous Peonies
Light pink
Fuchsia-coloured Peony

We were so happy to behold the stunning pink flowers!

But, then we got a storm. There was a lot of wind and rain.

The next morning there appeared to be a rusty edge on the blooms.

We simply accepted the results and went on as usual.

Sadly, today there is little left of our three day blossoms in their lovely state of bloom.

But, I admit they were inspiring and glorious while they lasted.

We look forward to seeing them again next Spring!

Worn and weathered flowers
Lovely State of Bloom

Thankful for Starlink

Home satellite receiver

So today the local Xfinity Internet was down all over town.

But not at our house.



Thank you hubby for your foresight. Thank you Elon Musk and your satellite stations too!

No place like home

Wednesday Diet Wisdom: What They Don’t Tell You

Food and drink are only two parts of the weightloss puzzle. There is more to it.

It’s amazing how many things contribute to your health and fitness.

For one thing, consider your metabolism.

Some people can digest certain foods better than others. Some people can burn more calories than other people can.

For those in the Western world, our high-fat and high-carb SAD (standard American diet) is the harbinger of many terrible diseases.,%2C%20metabolic%20syndrome%2C%20and%20diabetes.

Drastic dieting doesn’t help either.

Besides being unsustainable, your body might slow down your BMR (basal metabolic rate) because it’s afraid you are going to quit eating altogether. Then it will be really hard to lose weight.

The best way to increase your metabolic weight is exercise.

No one tells you about your fat mass, skeletal muscle, viseral fat, or bone mass among other physical metrics that affect your health.

You are a chemical marvel, and your body is an amazing and organic, ever-changing, ever-responsive constant companion who should be loved and cared for as long as you live.

Regardless of your shape and size, educating yourself about how your unique body is composed and how it reacts to nutrients and nourishments is vital.

I am still counting calories and I am beginning to lift weights to improve my BMR and get stronger, among other things.

Weight-training is great for overall health.

There is so much they haven’t told you about your wonderful self.

Take care of your body, support it, love it, nourish it and exercise it and your body will take care of you in amazing ways, especially as you get older!

I may not be skinny yet, but I love life and I love my amazing body now that I have learned more about it, and how to care better for it!

P.S. All diet advice by me is my opinion and does not reflect on any professional advice. Lose weight at your own risk.

On the Tube: My Favourite Marple

Humorous Detective

Who doesn’t just love Agatha Christie?

When life gets rather stressful, I often binge on Poirot and Miss Marple episodes found for free online, or recorded on a streaming service.

Last night, we watched Helen Hayes play Miss Marple on a “Caribbean Mystery

Then we watched Julia Mckenzie playing Miss Marple in the same story.

I also enjoy watching Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, and I’ve seen all the Marple episodes with Joan Hickson, who began playing the amateur detective at age 78 .

Angela Landsbury played Miss Marple and a few others, but based on all my views of Marple movies and broadcasts, I like Margaret Rutherford best.

Maybe it was her bumbling behavior or her sidekick real-life husband Stringer Davis who joined her in her exploits, but there is nothing like the influential eloquence of Ms. Rutherford as Miss Marple!

Acrually, Rutherford was a friend of author Agatha Christie and because of that she probably had an advantage!

Car Watch : The Bug

A compact. economical love bug πŸ’˜

I saw this recently.

“The People’s Car”

I was surprised to see it also had a sunroof!

Sunroof on a Volkswagen Bug

So where did the Volkswagen Beetle “Bug” come from?

It was made for the economy of the German nation commissioned by Adolf Hitler.

A long history

A more in-depth look at the Beetle can be found on Wikipedia here:

Female Cottonwood Tree

Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk.

We came upon a strange tree.

What is this kind of tree?

Hubby said it was a Cottonwood tree.

Expansive beautiful Cottonwood tree

I saw “cotton” all over the ground.

I picked some up.

It was soft and white like cotton

I was amazed to learn that the male produced the pollen (causing allergies for some) and the female trees make the cotton.

The cotton is an appendage to help disperse the Cottonwood seeds so they do not fall at the base of the mother tree.

Cottonwood seeds on the ground look like a pillow exploded!

So, as they say, you learn something new every day!

The Wonderful World of Domeiers German Store

Me and Jim at Domeiers

As many of you know I do a weekly radio show called, “Music from Germany.”

It’s brought to you by Domeiers New Ulm’s German Store!

Hubby in front of Domeiers

Domeier’s is a unique store located at 1020 South Minnesota Street in my hometown of New Ulm, MN!

Tasty and unique treats πŸ˜‹

It’s always a nice walk from my house to the wonderful world of Domeiers German Store!

I bring plastic sacks for the in-house dog, Charlie a darling Beagle boy!