Always an Anglophile

Our Memoir Writing Group

This morning it’s time for my memoir meeting so I wrote this little memoir called,
“Always an Anglophile” by Amy Zents

Growing up in Canada in the 1960s Queen Elizabeth’s regal picture adorned the walls of most public buildings, including my elementary classroom at Sprucecourt school in Toronto Ontario.
The United Kingdom, and especially England always fascinated me.
In 2011 my husband and I finally got a chance to go to England. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Russell square. Every morning we had hot tea and delicious bowls of oatmeal, along with hard boiled eggs to buck us up to face the cold November gales blowing hard in London. I couldn’t tell you how cold that wind was, but it was surprisingly cold!
One of the 1st places we visited was the Black Tower also known as the “Bloody Tower,” where the corpses of many innocent and executed people were buried.
The beefeater told us the story about Lady Jane Gray who was only 17, who ruled for a few days and then got her head chopped off.
We saw all the torture instruments as well as the prison cells and the grounds where the black crows like to fly.
Henry VIII and his huge weapons armory and arsenal was incredible as were the crown jewels.
Looking at the royal lineage testified to the reason there was so much fratricide and infantacide in the royal family as many grasped to be king or queen.
We went to Harrod’s and had afternoon tea there. It is a very beautiful expensive store gleaming with the finest things. We went down the escalator to see the memorial to Princesd Diana and Dodi Fayed.
After taking a train to Stratford we boarded a Double Decker bus to take us to Anne Hathaway’s cottage where Shakespeare lived.
After touring the home and grounds we left to go back to the city of Stratford on Avon to see a play called, “The Heart of Robin hood.”
We were the only 2 passengers on top of the open-air double-decker bus. With cheap plastic red headphones in each ear, we tried to listen to the tour commentator while going down the country roads at break neck speed!
We thought the driver must have been in a hurry to get to the pub!
After the play, it was late. We were the only people in the train station waiting for the train back to London. It was strangely quiet. Then another couple arrived later on and we watched them necking on a bench until the train arrived.
There are many fine tourist stops in London including the Sherlock Holmes museum and the Royal museum not to mention the beautiful Royal Albert hall where we went to hear a concert with the London Symphony.
Because I was so enamored with Charles Dickens at that time and reading all his books I did find it a great thrill to go to his house on Doughty street and examine memorabilia Including the desk he used to write the book “Great expectations.” Sadly, the famous painting I was hoping to see called, “The Dream,” featuring Pickwick, Little Doritt, David Copperfield and all the characters from his novels, was on loan to the Royal Museum and sitting in storage for when they put out their big 200th anniversary exhibit on Charles Dickens.
From the Royal Gallery to Buckingham palace,
from Hyde Park to the London Eye we walked or took a black cab, or the London Tube. We went so many places in so little time.
My husband’s thrill was the Royal Science Museum. Guides took us on a backstairs tour to see the many discoveries and actual writings on specimen bottles of Charles Darwin when he visited the Galapogos Islands.
Yes England was great and I guess I will always be an Anglophile.

CD was born on 2/7/1812

A fun song

Hubby by the vats

Here we are hubby and me after a trip to a new whiskey distillery in town.

Blackfrost Distilling

After the fun we made music.

Peace, love and joy to you.

Farm-fresh flowers

I’ve started watching travel videos.

I’ve reflected on apartment dwelling.

I’ve been trying to be present for life in the now.

I have been weeding things out everyday to better organize my life, and feel happier.

So I’ve decided to take a little hiatus from my daily blogging.

Sorry. I just need a break.

Exercise at the gym and playing ping pong with my life partner, husband and best friend Jim makes me motivated to be a better woman.

At least it helps me get focused on creating a better home-life.

Hubby is fully retired now.

I still work, albeit part-time.

Although he is not currently employed, hubby works at home to make the place cooler (installing air-conditioning,) pitching in on chores with gardening, cooking and being my chauffer when we go out together. ❤

He is a helpful husband.

Even though we haven’t got any vacation plans until November, every day spent at home with hubby is like a vacation for me, especially when the weather is nice.

While growing up in the big city of Toronto was over-stimulating and fun, living in outstate Minnesota has its perks as well.

Fresh air, parklands, Farmer’s markets, a big fenced-in backyard, and ample free time to enjoy it all is great!

Hubby likes to keep current on the news.

I like to keep current on the birds at the bird-feeder, the local temperature, recent amounts of rainfall, and what to eat.

Love this!

Thursday Book Review: Ben Franklin

The signature of Benjamin Franklin is on The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War with Great Britain

I just read a book on Benjamin Franklin, the statesman & inventor whose face is on the American 100 dollar bill.

It was a short little book produced by, yet it was considerably informative.

B.F was a very wise & witty man

Some look at Mr. Franklin as a natural-born genius, and so do I!

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.”
Ben Franklin was a gentleman who practiced what he preached.

I recently watched a Ken Burns documentary on Ben Franklin. It was very good.

Born in 1706, Benjamin Franklin is still worth reading about, and if you travel to Philadelphia, you’ll find the Franklin Court and the Benjamin Franklin Museum.

These sites are part of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For more information on Benjamin Franklin please visit

A penny saved is a penny earned!
However, these days people throw pennies on Franklin’s grave!

Wednesday Diet Wisdom: Appetite Considerations

So are you full?

Do you notice it when you have had enough to eat, or do you let the appetite needle swing into the red before you stop eating?

Observe if you feel satisfied

Eating to fullness is not the way to drop excess weight.

True, each meal is a time of rejoicing, but it is also a time to reflect on what it is we desire from our food.

Summer produce is so good!

A good meal is fresh veggies and lots of air on your plate.

😀 If you wish to plan your meals in advance, and the amounts you think you need, it will help you to enjoy your weightloss journey with less stress.

Interesting opinion

Tempting foods abound.

Plan your meal work, and work your meal plan.

You can do it! And so can I!

This radio gal loves to eat, but knows to quit when she’s had enough💕

Monroe Memories

So why is Marilyn Monroe’s beauty so iconic?

Movie star magic

In retrospect, she seemed to be a product, as well as a person.

Colouring her hair light blonde, affecting baby talk now and then, along with her wiggle-walk, seemed to cement her reputation as a vixen, automatically discounting her innate intelligence, and setting herself up as a target for exploitation and envy.

Sadly, she was not able to find serenity in her life, although she seemed to seek it by drinking booze, smoking cigarettes, and swallowing barbiturates.

(Judy Garland also passed away from overdosing on barbiturates.)

Marilyn left a lot behind when she died at the young-ish age of 36 in 1962.

Mostly captured on film, her lovely face and figure, along with her sweet voice, is forever available and easily accessible for all to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite films with Marilyn Monroe?

I really liked her in “Bus Stop,” and “Niagara.”

I’m sorry that she had to endure all kinds of emotional and mental issues, along with addiction problems.

When you consider it, addictions and drug abuse seem to be a sad fate of many rich and famous stars.

Many of them die young, or else prematurely.

Readers are leaders

In the end, what people see when they look at Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean Baker) depends on how you perceive her in the light of hindsight and our modern-day mindset.

Was Marilyn just a tragic beauty? Or was she just an enviable person out of touch with life’s realities?

Or was she like you and me, someone looking to live life, make friends and be happy.

Chances are, not being famous may be better than all the pressures of dealing with the public, and the share of criticisms, sufferings and insecurities that are often brought on by other people’s demands and expectations!

We will never know what really happened to Marilyn, since conspiracies abound surrounding her death, but in life she certainly made a splash!

On the Tube: Oxford, Morse, and Lewis

Lewis and Morse

I have to say that the late John Thaw has always been a favourite actor of mine.

His Inspector Morse series was always interesting to me.

The spin off on PBS regarding Inspector Lewis is also a lot of fun!

Oxford situated in the City of Dreaming Spires holds a special place in my heart!

Oxford University has 39 colleges

I do love England and what is more English than Oxford University?

So many wonderful writers came out of there, including C.S. Lewis and Tolkien!

It’s also a great research University as well.

You get a lot of Oxford in your eyeballs when you watch Inspector Morse and inspector Lewis.

If you love opera, Inspector Morse is right up your alley!

Morse loves Grand Opera

Apparently, the interest in Inspector Morse has not died, what with the new seasons and episodes of “Endeavour.”

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam

I like watching Endeavour too!

Mark Twain got an honorary degree from Oxford University and he was always wearing his robes even to his daughter’s wedding!

Yes! There are many fine universities you can go to throughout the world, but everybody has heard of Oxford University!

Car Watch: Big Black Cadillac

Big Black Caddy

There are a lot of country songs about a Cadillac.

Do you remember “Guitars, Cadillacs,” by Dwight Yokum?

Some are sad, and some are happy like this one from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

But let’s take a look at this long black Cadillac.

Fun car or funeral car?

Any other fine Cadillac songs you love?

Share them in the comments below

Saturday Small Town Talk: Bavarian Blast in New Ulm, MN

Alpensterne Band from Minnesota

I decided each Saturday I would review things I partook of in this city, or things that my city has to offer.

I live in the city of New Ulm, Minnesota.

This weekend we are having our big German celebration called Bavarian Blast!

Lots of German bands show up to perform their fine music!

People dance a lot to the oompah music.


Dan Witucki, and his dual Alphorns

Leon Olsen Show

Larry Olsen Band

Brian Brueggan & the Mississippi Dutchmen

Marv Nissel Band

Last night I went to see a band called Free Falling, a Tom Petty Tribute band.

Awesome Tom Petty Cover Band

We also saw some of the show, Shirts and Skins.

Shirts & Skins

All these bands have appeared at one time or another at our Bavarian Blast.

Anyway I’m headed back there tonight to see the Stein Holding contest.

Anyway here I am introducing Leon Olsen