Ode to my Catalpa Tree

My Beautiful Mature Catalpa Tree

In my back yard there are lovely blossoms scattered all around my Catalpa tree.

Under my Catalpa


I sat under the tree inspired to write some poetry.

Catalpa blossoms
Gorgeous fruit pod and blossoms of the Catalpa tree
Heart-shaped leaves

This is what I came up with.

“Ode to My Catalpa Tree.”

By Amy Zents

“Showering Spring flowers sail off my Catalpa tree,

Bearing pods that hang like handmade jewelry.

A tree so stunning beyond compare,

Your heart-shaped leaves so lovely,

Make me stop and stare!”

What is a holiday?


What is a holiday?
I pondered that question on this Memorial Day.
There are lawns being mowed.
There are cars are being towed.
Stores are open for buying.
Backyard chefs are out there frying.
The police are still out on their beat, and the Stanley cup players are up on their feet.
I had to work more than half the day, while I saw friends get outdoors, on the lake, to play!
I saw the news crews out there scurrying
Because people can’t stop all their worrying.
So, what constitutes a holiday?
l’ve deduced it means work for some people,
and for others it just means play!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents