Worth the effort

It’s worth the effort

When you are a kid you are told, and/or scolded to, “Eat your vegetables!” When you get older you realize as an adult, you can shove your face into a chocolate cake, you can drink bourbon and eat Cap’n Crunch for supper, and know that a quart of ice cream in your freezer has your name written all over it!

Then when you get older, and get fat, you repent. You realize you want to stay young at heart physically and mentally, so now you had better eat your vegetables.

I have been on a health kick lately. I have been walking at least 10,000 steps a day using my Fit Bit and I have been striving for a flat belly by eating whole-grain bread, peanut butter, and fresh strawberries for breakfast with a protein shake. For lunch I’ve been having a fresh salad.

Today was rushed and particularly hard, but I realized instead of making something fast, like a bowl of cereal with milk, or making something delicious such as oven baked french fries for lunch, I should just hop to it and put together a salad. I confess, it was worth the effort!

Move more and eat less junk


Long ago a lady told me the best way to eat. She was a para-professional who worked with children in the public school system. She said after the age of 40, she could no longer eat like she did when she was young.
She told me she didn’t eat hardly anything for breakfast. She ate a small amount for lunch.
Supper was her main meal.
At the time, I was in my early twenties, and I basically ate whatever I liked. I was very thin, and high-strung. I was active and full of energy. I burned a lot of calories.
Those words she said to me seemed pitiful.
Who wanted to deprive themselves?
Certainly not I!
And yet, her words followed me down through time. To the place where now I understand the value of exercise and eating lightly. Nevertheless, the secret to being fit, is in the choice of your eating, and getting regular exercise.
In the future, I imagine weight will not be a problem.
Now and then we read of different treatments for people who have obesity. Some scientific tests hold out astonishing promises for the obese. But most of them come with risks we do not have to take.
Someday, medical science will find a quick and efficient way for all of us to be svelte.
Currently, the best way to get skinny is probably the healthiest, if we are willing to try hard to move more and eat less junk.

Musically yours, Amy Zents