Farmer’s Market Song

Gigantic radishes

I love Farmer’s markets.

I even wrote a lovely original short song about it.  🎶

Home-grown tomatoes fresh off the farm
Lovely green onions

So, not only can you buy fresh produce at the farmer’s market, but fresh baked goods and jars of tasty delicious delights!

Yes! Farmer’s markets may be trendy, but they are growing in popularity!

Join the trend and treat yourself at your local Farmers market!

P.S. If nothing is ready, well you just have to watch and wait!😀

Saturday Gardens

Raised garden beds

I planted yellow squash, beets, cherry tomatoes and flowers in raised garden beds to keep the weeds down.

Hubby uses straw-bales as mulch as well, to keep weeds down to a minimum.

This year he is using plastic bottles to create mini-greehouses to keep the rabbits out!

Little terrariums

Right now green onions are on the table everyday in most every dish I cook.

Springtime is full of happy hours spent outside, even if it means repairing the outdoor spigot with plumbing thread tape and new washers.

Plants need fresh water too!

Let’s put the Ag Day Parade on a Saturday


Today I attended the Farm-city Hub Club Ag Day Parade. I was very disappointed it was not on a Saturday when more people could come and see and cheer on our farmers who feed the world.

Fewer farmers feed more people now than ever before. The American Farmer is a staple to everybody who eats. But the fuel they provide in the form of food not only feeds humans, but animals, and provides energy sources for fuel, such as ethanol.

Perhaps next year they may put it on a Saturday, and then more of the world can show up and cheer on our American farmers!

Indeed, farmers have incredible equipment to work with, and high-tech software, and more pressure than ever to perform; they have to deal with the ups and downs of the markets,
not to mention the variability of the weather.
They do deserve our praise, and we do owe them a lot. Today we celebrate the farmers.

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh corn on the cob with hot melted butter, or a delicious apple or wonderful mashed potatoes?

For all you love: from cheese to milk, from sweet fruits to savory herbs, to crunchy, healthy vegetables and beyond. Let’s think on it, and thank all the family farmers!

Ag Day Parade 2016

Musically yours, Amy Zents