Thursday Book Review: Sell or Be Sold

We live in a world of sellers.

A good read

These days many sales people are called “influencers.”

Online or in-person someone is always going to try and sell you something that you don’t want or need.

I think back of what McDonald’s was doing to me as a kid.

My mom was a fabulous cook.

We would turn up our noses at her delicious soups and stews and wonderful meals because we wanted McDonald’s instead.


Her homemade quality meals were so much better than horrible fast food from McDonald’s.

Not only were her delicious main courses fabulous we also enjoyed her wonderful baking.

Yet the power of mass media changed our minds about her hard work.

Nevertheless she instilled in me a love for good food, especially good healthy food.

Delicious homemade food

My cooking is not perfect and sometimes I burn things but I know I’m eating better by eating at home.

A little about the author.

He is a great real-estate salesman.

A little about the book.

It is a tutorial of sorts to help the person who wants to be successful in business and in life.

Cardone has a podcast the Cardone Zone and also a YouTube channel.

Although I am only halfway through the book I find it very illuminating and informative.

Sell or be sold, you decide.

A new gig!

Tonight my music duo is going to perform here.

We haven’t done this venue before.

They really want jazz music, but our repertoire is a mixture of jazz and blues and other kinds of songs including originals.

Hopefully we will be entertaining to the diners on jazz night!

Yesterday I went online to CD Baby regarding getting hooked up for payments from digital downloads.

I’m so glad we got that sorted because I found that our music was being hawked on so many different platforms throughout the Internet.

Anyways, we are very excited about performing together at Morgan Creek Vineyards this evening.

Here is a sample of our music.

Songs to sell

So I still haven’t linked my checking account to collect royalties from our digital sales of songs on CD baby.

I need to do that, otherwise we will never make a penny online with the sale of our original songs.

My music duo

There is so much muck to wade through to become a paid musician

Is it worth the hassle?

Yes! It is definitely worth it.

Not only for the joy we bring with our songs, but for fun people we meet, and serve with our music!

Age of Excess


Everywhere we look today, almost on every
front, there is someone attractive trying to get you to buy something you may or may not need. Do we buy it because she’s pretty, or he’s handsome?

Do those sparkling eyes and that shiny hair convince us to open up our wallets? Perhaps they do, perhaps we’re buying a fantasy. We always like to be nice to beautiful-looking people, but do we have to give them our money?

We all admire the beautiful. And while it’s a good argument for us to always make sure that we smell good, and we are clean, and perhaps even try and be beautiful too, it begs the question: how much baby do we really need?

Do we buy an excessive amount of stuff because of the many beautiful people who are selling it to us through media, or through face-to-face sales?

In the future I think sustainability and not beauty will be the barometer of sales.

Repurposing of objects is good in itself, but it can be self-defeating, if you don’t need those objects in the first place.

Like it or not, there is an injustice in the distribution of stuff. Instead of buying and getting buried in a mountain of unloved clutter, in the future I think a more calculated approach to ownership will rule the day!

Musically yours, Amy Zents