Lovely State of Bloom

Hubby with a lovely  peony

Our beautiful peonies were in a lovely state of bloom for only 2 or 3 days.

At first the blossoms looked very promising while they were in the bud.

Then one morning we stepped out in the backyard and saw the beautiful peonies in full bloom.

Gorgeous Peonies
Light pink
Fuchsia-coloured Peony

We were so happy to behold the stunning pink flowers!

But, then we got a storm. There was a lot of wind and rain.

The next morning there appeared to be a rusty edge on the blooms.

We simply accepted the results and went on as usual.

Sadly, today there is little left of our three day blossoms in their lovely state of bloom.

But, I admit they were inspiring and glorious while they lasted.

We look forward to seeing them again next Spring!

Worn and weathered flowers
Lovely State of Bloom

Pops of color, pops of joy!

Fresh flowers

Flowers give me such joy. I just love them so much!

The colors, the scents, the freshness and the beauty are as romantic today as it was when I was in New York City decades ago.

I saw an eager gentleman give his lady love two dozen beautiful red roses at Grand Central Station.

It was a sight to behold! It seemed straight out of the pages of a Harlequin romance!

Flowers not only say, “I love you,” they say, “I love me too!”

Buy yourself or your sweetie a flower or a bunch and make your world a happier place today!