Thursday Book Review: FDT

Coffee and goals

So what is future-directed therapy?

You want something special in your life? 😏

Something good to look forward to?

Then find the light at the end of your tunnel!

Find someone or something that brings you up.

Planning a vacation?

Really want to do or be something more?

It’s all up to you!

You choose.

You decide.

You discover.

Every Thursday I will give an inkling and quick review of what book I am reading, and/or studying. πŸ“–

The book I am studying this week is called, “Think Forward to Thrive.”

It is an enlightening and enlivening book with a purpose.

It helps people discover meaningful goals to work towards.

Plan to be happy 😊

Some goals I’ve set for this summer.

Daily goals

Printing classes

Welcome friends!
Pressing times

We went to the open house.

The local arts center offers to teach the public the fine art of printing!

The patience of these artists is amazing!

Fine artists
A display of beautuful prints

Benjamin Franklin was a printer.

You can be one too!

Moonlight and Music

Morgan Creek Vineyards

Last night my eclectic music duo, Molly and Sonny Boy performed at Morgan Creek Vineyards.

Sonny Boy with his Ukulele

It was perfect weather.

When the sun finally set, there was a clear sky and a beautiful moon.

Lovely moonlight

The food they provided after our gig was from an outdoor pizza oven.

Amazing stone deck oven-fired oven
Hubby and I near the fired up stone pizza oven!
Delicious meal
Vino made on site.
Hubby loved his mushroom calzone

All in all, it was a special time thanks to our generous George, Paula, Adam, Griffin, Dee and all the employees at Morgan Creek Vineyards!

Saturday Gardens

Raised garden beds

I planted yellow squash, beets, cherry tomatoes and flowers in raised garden beds to keep the weeds down.

Hubby uses straw-bales as mulch as well, to keep weeds down to a minimum.

This year he is using plastic bottles to create mini-greehouses to keep the rabbits out!

Little terrariums

Right now green onions are on the table everyday in most every dish I cook.

Springtime is full of happy hours spent outside, even if it means repairing the outdoor spigot with plumbing thread tape and new washers.

Plants need fresh water too!

Better than Winter

Looking out my kitchen window

It was a long-time coming, but it looks like Spring has finally sprung!

To celebrate the joys of warmer weather, I brought home a stunningly beautiful Hydrangea plant.

A flowering Hydrangea plant
Beautuful Hydrangea 😍

They say being here in Minnesota is like living 6 months in Eden, and 6 months on Mars!

Well then, hypothetically-speaking, it looks like being here in May through October will be better than Winter!

The fountain is up and running now!

Musing over Muesli

Morning muesli

Yesterday I found out that art helps us in our emotional growth.

I went to a pow wow of sorts at the local arts center regarding the direction of the Grand.

The future of art

I found out that some people feel that art is not for them.

Yet throughout the ages, art has been significant in every culture.

I have seen all kinds of art.

To be honest some of it has downright puzzled me. “What’s that?” I sometimes wonder.

As a singer and a songwriter, I don’t always think of music as being an art per se. I think of it as musical storytelling. It’s fun and entertaining.

My music duo, Molly and Sonny Boy

However music is a means of self-expression. It is an art.

My preference is towards the wordy arts.

I like songs and stories and film.

I like accessible art as well.

I like mainly realism and functional arts and crafts.

I like pops of color as well, for dΓ©cor and inspiration.

So now, I will continue musing about art over my muesli this morning.

Good question

Grand Arts Center Open House


On Sunday there was an open house at the Grand.

The Grand Center for the Arts is a delightful space in the downtown area of my town.

Lovely art on the walls
Creative decor
Gift shop

There have been many live performances in the building, as well as live music on the deck in the warmer months.

There is a bar, and during live performances they offer light fare as well to add to the conviviality for the guests.

One of the most unique features are the printing presses in the basement.

Printing press
Franz Kitzberger with his work
Drawers of movable type

To adapt to the times, the Grand has made many changes in its administration and functions in the community.

To stay relevant, it encourages artists to express their talents in exhibits, gallery shows, and public displays. Poets, dancers, musicians, painters, and many more artists, have benefited from the benevolence of The Grand and its supporters.

The ground breaking for Highway 14 improvements in Minnesota

2 Minnesota senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith pictured

This morning at 9 AM there was a groundbreaking in Courtland, Minnesota for the new highway 14 improvement project.

I played scout reporter and video taped the entire thing here.

I got my picture taken with another Amy

Author Amy Zents and State Senator Amy Klobuchar
Talk to you soon!!
4/19/2022 Courtland, MN USA