Tooth Resorption (with current update)

See the dentist

Update: On May 9, 2022

I found out I do NOT have tooth resorption

The endodontist found a crack inside the tooth that was causing bone loss. And now the remedy is a replacement tooth, a dental implant, so I am relieved it is NOT tooth resorption.

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I felt a compelling urge to go to the dentist and I’m really glad I did.

It turns out that I have a problem that I never, ever heard of before.

It’s called tooth resorption.

The cause of this may have happened when I was young, but now I’m dealing with the fallout.

The dentist discovered the dark spot inside my right eye tooth this morning after examining an x-ray.

He told me all we have to do now is to monitor it and to recall it once in a while to see what’s going on inside.

So in three months i’m going back to have it checked out.

I went to get a teeth-cleaning this morning, and also to check out a problem with a new crown.

After x-rays, they found that gum tissue was the problem surrounding the new crown and prescribed a special mouthwash.

They also found a strange cast on an x-ray depicting a case of tooth resorption on one tooth. A dark shadow in the tooth that wasn’t there before, likely caused by past facial trauma, bruxism or cheap tooth whitening.

I can only hope it will go away on its own and if it doesn’t, I may have to get an implant, so the infection doesn’t spread to the other teeth.

If you’re interested. you can find out more about tooth resorption right here:

Happier now ๐Ÿ˜Š

Avian Flu Precautions

Squirrels love bird seed too

Today I do not have to go to work.

It’s my day off.

Nevertheless, a woman’s work is never done.

There are always things to do here at home.

According to the news, we are supposed to take down our bird feeders and empty the bird baths for a month.

There is an outbreak of Avian Flu in Minnesota.

So, as much as I would like to stay in bed on my day off, need to get up to safeguard the health of the wild birds , by removing the bird feeders from the backyard this morning, and emptying the bird bath.

I pray that the many variety of wild birds out there will be okay, and won’t be too disappointed with the loss of their regular refreshments.

I know that the chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels won’t be too happy either with the absence of their free birdseed food.

They try to please

Soy bacon, eggs, pepperjack cheese, fried potatoes and green seedless grapes makes for a low-cost hot delicious breakfast! ๐Ÿ˜‹

I am a vegetarian who eats eggs.

There are people who do not understand what it means to be a vegetarian.

They think you eat seafood and chicken.

My husband and I do not eat anything with a face or with a mother.

It’s OK to be a vegetarian at home, but it’s hard if you want to eat out.

I have encountered many people who want to give me lots of meat. Have some steak. Have some chicken. Have some pork. Have some turkey.

But I’m a vegetarian I say.

OK here’s some bread and some carrots

That’s why we eat at home a lot!

Worried about everything

Growing up in a big city was very stressful.

City girl in a scary world!

My mother put a good fright in us.

We had to be wary of everyone and everything.

There were people who tried to abduct me in stairwells and city parks.

Happily, I always had someone near me to protect little me.

When I moved to the country I was still very frightened.

I would always lock my doors and I would never talk to strangers.

If I look back I think I did everything right.

In this day and age you can never be too careful.

As I’ve often heard it said here in the Midwest, trust in God but lock your car!

Quick, happy food

There are days when you want something nutritious.

Having a rice steamer is awesome, but not necessary.

You can make a big batch of rice and save it in the fridge.

Leftover cooked rice is very versatile.

One of the best tasting meals you can make is vegetable stir fried rice. It’s quick and it’s easy to chop up some onions and zucchini and throw in that rice with some egg. Fried in canola or olive oil it only takes about 10 minutes to enjoy a hot, healthy meal fit for a movie star!

Covered with Sriracha sauce fried rice is great! ๐Ÿ‘

The finder of things

Walking on a sidewalk I spied a lonely tree

I always consider myself the finder of things. When my 2 dogs were alive I would walk in parks and traverse fields and pass through neighborhoods and find all kinds of items on the ground.

I would faithfully take them to the local police department.

Yesterday was no exception.

I went into the toilet stall at the local grocery store. There on the toilet paper dispenser was somebody’s smartphone. I promptly took it to the customer service desk where I turned it in.

A similar thing happened to me recently when I was in upstate New York in another bathroom stall. There, I found somebody else’s beautiful Smartphone along with designer sunglasses. I took them to the restaurant manager for safekeeping.

I have found things as significant as a big fat wallet filled with money, credit cards, I.D’s that the police returned to its owner. Most of all, I have found many smartphones over the years, not to mention the many sets of keys I’ve turned in to the lost and found department at various places.

I don’t keep the things I find.

I always turn them in.

I like to see myself as the “finder of things.”

More people, More cameras

By Amy Zents

I believe that our generation will be the most well-documented generation of all time.
Everywhere you go, you see people with cell phones taking pictures.

People take pictures of everything, not to mention video. It’s amazing how everyone now aspires to being a movie star.

The Me Generation.

It’s not bad to be self-conscious. Like it or not, you will be in somebody’s photo whether you want to be or not. It’s just dumb how people indiscriminately take photos of everything.

There’s very little that is secret nowadays with cameras and video.

If you would like to see inside the Vatican or you would like to see inside somebody’s garage, you could probably find a way.

Signs that say no video photography or no camera photography are ignored.

From movie theaters, to the live theaters on Broadway, to the great concert halls around the world, people in charge have a hard time preventing audience members or others from taking photos or video.

Documentation for representation.

The paper trail is getting smaller. They have stopped automatically giving paper receipts at the liquor store or at the grocery store in my town. Everything is going electronic, at least that’s the way it seems nowadays. Even plastic, aka credit cards instead of currency is becoming more common. I saw someone pull out his checkbook this morning and I thought, Dark Ages! LOL!

Test driving a Tesla

So we went to a Tesla dealership to try out a Tesla on a freezing February afternoon. I wished they would have put us in a more fancier test car like the one on display.

Instead, we wound up in a black Canadian spec car.

The main difference was that it was set to be able to be stopped by cops, if it ever went AWOL

My husband took the wheel. Nothing like a standard or automatic. Completely new.

This was our test car. For about 30 minutes we traveled the vicinity on highways and crossed scary intersections completely engrossed in the digital features.

The Tesla is not to be trifled with. It has many features but the hefty price tag makes one reluctant to buy the aluminum wonder.

I was tormented by the amazing falsehoods one of the salesman espoused. He said the fabric of the interior was leather. Not vegan leather, but leather. He said the wheels were available in different sizes. But both were untrue.

The leather is a manmade textile, and the wheels are all the same size, only the wheel rims are available in plain or sexy sizes.

Not to misunderstand me, but the manager who took us out was a master salesman. He gave us some deadlines regarding tax rebates, tax deductions and low interest rates available.

The auto-pilot feature on the car was cool. We checked out all the extra features like the hepa-air purifier in case of a biohazard such as a nuclear war or shitty-smelling truck. We checked out the height element so as to raise or lower the chassis by a few inches. It was an extra hot seat that grated on me. I was very cold sitting in the back seat, but taking it up to level 3 was too much. I felt cramped in the back seat. The salesman could have helped by pulling up his seat a bit.

In summary, sold is my final review!

-Amy Zents

This article was the expressed opinion of the writer and does not reflect the opinion of anybody else.