More people, More cameras

By Amy Zents

I believe that our generation will be the most well-documented generation of all time.
Everywhere you go, you see people with cell phones taking pictures.

People take pictures of everything, not to mention video. It’s amazing how everyone now aspires to being a movie star.

The Me Generation.

It’s not bad to be self-conscious. Like it or not, you will be in somebody’s photo whether you want to be or not. It’s just dumb how people indiscriminately take photos of everything.

There’s very little that is secret nowadays with cameras and video.

If you would like to see inside the Vatican or you would like to see inside somebody’s garage, you could probably find a way.

Signs that say no video photography or no camera photography are ignored.

From movie theaters, to the live theaters on Broadway, to the great concert halls around the world, people in charge have a hard time preventing audience members or others from taking photos or video.

Documentation for representation.

The paper trail is getting smaller. They have stopped automatically giving paper receipts at the liquor store or at the grocery store in my town. Everything is going electronic, at least that’s the way it seems nowadays. Even plastic, aka credit cards instead of currency is becoming more common. I saw someone pull out his checkbook this morning and I thought, Dark Ages! LOL!

Shy or Sly?


Wesley Snipes at Comic Con talking with me

I was just thinking about people I have met who have not had the advantages of those with ambitious aka pushy parents, or siblings.
In my case, it was my sister who actually pushed me to come out of my shell and sing.
Ambitious parents sounds better than pushy parents, but it is great when one or both parents helps you overcome shyness.
As a kid I was shy. It was easier not to risk anything by just hiding or saying little in public.
Of course at home I would sing all day, and talk nonstop.
In public, I was very timid.
When friends of my mother would come over I was bashful. At school I had only one or two best friends and when I grew up I spoke very, very quietly.
I now have an inherent distrust of shy people as an adult.
Most of the adults I know in my world of music instruction and broadcasting are not shy. Thank goodness!!!
Most announcers are so talkative off-air you can hardly squeeze a word in edge-wise, and that is perfectly okay by me.
I think to some extent we all admire people who are bold.
If you are a shy person, remember some of us may view you with inherent distrust. Sly people with a plan often clam up in ordered not to be noticed. Shifty eyes, sly looks and shy personalities are people to be careful around. There is a reason they call outgoing people bold and beautiful!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents