Female Cottonwood Tree

Yesterday my husband and I went for a walk.

We came upon a strange tree.

What is this kind of tree?

Hubby said it was a Cottonwood tree.

Expansive beautiful Cottonwood tree

I saw “cotton” all over the ground.

I picked some up.

It was soft and white like cotton

I was amazed to learn that the male produced the pollen (causing allergies for some) and the female trees make the cotton.

The cotton is an appendage to help disperse the Cottonwood seeds so they do not fall at the base of the mother tree.

Cottonwood seeds on the ground look like a pillow exploded!

So, as they say, you learn something new every day!

Change of scenery

The sun peeking through the trees

There is so much to enjoy when the weather turns warmer.

Walks up the street enjoying the blue sky, the trees, and homes brings fun and a bit of stress relief from the crazy news.

To feel better, take time to take in nature.

Lush trees

The finder of things

Walking on a sidewalk I spied a lonely tree

I always consider myself the finder of things. When my 2 dogs were alive I would walk in parks and traverse fields and pass through neighborhoods and find all kinds of items on the ground.

I would faithfully take them to the local police department.

Yesterday was no exception.

I went into the toilet stall at the local grocery store. There on the toilet paper dispenser was somebody’s smartphone. I promptly took it to the customer service desk where I turned it in.

A similar thing happened to me recently when I was in upstate New York in another bathroom stall. There, I found somebody else’s beautiful Smartphone along with designer sunglasses. I took them to the restaurant manager for safekeeping.

I have found things as significant as a big fat wallet filled with money, credit cards, I.D’s that the police returned to its owner. Most of all, I have found many smartphones over the years, not to mention the many sets of keys I’ve turned in to the lost and found department at various places.

I don’t keep the things I find.

I always turn them in.

I like to see myself as the “finder of things.”

Rotten expectations

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of rain falling hard on the roof and loud winds howling.

Today it feels like 26 degrees out (-5 degrees Celsius.)

The strange thing is that 2 months ago if the weather was in the low 20’s I would be delighted.

So I will go for a 10 minute walk to drop off a couple of books to the Little Free Library instead of staying indoors all day feeling sorry myself.

Little Free Library

2 Strange Scenarios


Today I encountered 2 Strange Scenarios.
Both happened while I was out on the streets with my dogs on our daily 1 hour walk.
I was happily walking my two fur kids, whilst listening to The Tim Ferris show. It was the second half of his interview with Mike Rowe.
As the dogs and I walked on, a big Suburban slowed down and a creepy elderly man tried
to chat me up.
“I see you have two dogs for protection,” he uttered.
I looked at him, and then at a guy mowing the front yard across the street.
I felt relieved there was a witness to this strange encounter.
All I did was wave, and say, ” Thanks.”
I made a weird face, and shook my head as if to say, “Leave me alone!”
Figuring I would not take his bait, and that I was not a lonely street-walker, the lonely old man drove away.
Thank goodness!
Next I got to the top of a hill and stopped to pour water in a plastic dog bowl for my dogs to quench their thirst.
A gal came by. She was twice my size and was walking at a slow pace. As the dogs and I walked slowly behind the heavy-set gal,
I realized I would have to pass her and I was embarrassed to do so.
I wanted to cross the street,  but there are no sidewalks on the other side.
So, I mustered up the courage and hustled by her dragging my two meandering pooches.
They don’t like to be rushed either.
I felt glad the gal was at least exercising, albeit slowly.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

Walking in the dark


This morning at 5:30, I walked to work to my radio DJ job. In the moments it took for me to walk to work, I noticed things I normally never do when the sun is up.

I chuckled to myself as I saw a newspaper man walking with his head down, texting on his smartphone. He was dragging his feet, walking very slowly. You hardly see kids delivering the paper these days. Usually they’re older people. Nowadays, they’re carrying smartphones.

I was able to look into lighted windows over shops, things I would never able to do during daylight. I saw kids drawings hung on the wall, and a creepy looking doll perched against the windowsill.

I was able to look into a cafe that I’ve never entered. The reason I’ve never entered it is because during the day you are unable to look into the building because of the window screen that prevents people looking in. Just to be clear, if I can’t see into a cafĂ© or store, then I’m not going in.