Tooth Resorption (with current update)

See the dentist

Update: On May 9, 2022

I found out I do NOT have tooth resorption

The endodontist found a crack inside the tooth that was causing bone loss. And now the remedy is a replacement tooth, a dental implant, so I am relieved it is NOT tooth resorption.

‐—‐–‐The following is my old post——-

I felt a compelling urge to go to the dentist and I’m really glad I did.

It turns out that I have a problem that I never, ever heard of before.

It’s called tooth resorption.

The cause of this may have happened when I was young, but now I’m dealing with the fallout.

The dentist discovered the dark spot inside my right eye tooth this morning after examining an x-ray.

He told me all we have to do now is to monitor it and to recall it once in a while to see what’s going on inside.

So in three months i’m going back to have it checked out.

I went to get a teeth-cleaning this morning, and also to check out a problem with a new crown.

After x-rays, they found that gum tissue was the problem surrounding the new crown and prescribed a special mouthwash.

They also found a strange cast on an x-ray depicting a case of tooth resorption on one tooth. A dark shadow in the tooth that wasn’t there before, likely caused by past facial trauma, bruxism or cheap tooth whitening.

I can only hope it will go away on its own and if it doesn’t, I may have to get an implant, so the infection doesn’t spread to the other teeth.

If you’re interested. you can find out more about tooth resorption right here:

Happier now 😊

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