The finder of things

Walking on a sidewalk I spied a lonely tree

I always consider myself the finder of things. When my 2 dogs were alive I would walk in parks and traverse fields and pass through neighborhoods and find all kinds of items on the ground.

I would faithfully take them to the local police department.

Yesterday was no exception.

I went into the toilet stall at the local grocery store. There on the toilet paper dispenser was somebody’s smartphone. I promptly took it to the customer service desk where I turned it in.

A similar thing happened to me recently when I was in upstate New York in another bathroom stall. There, I found somebody else’s beautiful Smartphone along with designer sunglasses. I took them to the restaurant manager for safekeeping.

I have found things as significant as a big fat wallet filled with money, credit cards, I.D’s that the police returned to its owner. Most of all, I have found many smartphones over the years, not to mention the many sets of keys I’ve turned in to the lost and found department at various places.

I don’t keep the things I find.

I always turn them in.

I like to see myself as the “finder of things.”

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