They try to please

Soy bacon, eggs, pepperjack cheese, fried potatoes and green seedless grapes makes for a low-cost hot delicious breakfast! 😋

I am a vegetarian who eats eggs.

There are people who do not understand what it means to be a vegetarian.

They think you eat seafood and chicken.

My husband and I do not eat anything with a face or with a mother.

It’s OK to be a vegetarian at home, but it’s hard if you want to eat out.

I have encountered many people who want to give me lots of meat. Have some steak. Have some chicken. Have some pork. Have some turkey.

But I’m a vegetarian I say.

OK here’s some bread and some carrots

That’s why we eat at home a lot!

Spring break

We are having some very cold weather here. It really stresses me out. It’s very much like Winter today instead of Spring. I like to get outside, but when the weather is windy and cold I tend to feel sorry for myself. So last night after work I had my husband James take me out to a local restaurant for an Impossible burger. No supper dishes to deal with this morning and a little less stress.

My Little Meals


I have a new Pinterest board to track my eating.
My Little Meals
It’s been noted that eating several small meals a day is better for you than eating huge meals infrequently.
So, I am experimenting with the idea.
Even though I am a vegetarian, I still need to be careful about the foods I eat.
Feel free to follow my board.
The best food is tasted and savored.
A good way to do that is eating like a gourmet and not like a gourmand.