A new gig!

Tonight my music duo is going to perform here.


We haven’t done this venue before.

They really want jazz music, but our repertoire is a mixture of jazz and blues and other kinds of songs including originals.

Hopefully we will be entertaining to the diners on jazz night!

Yesterday I went online to CD Baby regarding getting hooked up for payments from digital downloads.

I’m so glad we got that sorted because I found that our music was being hawked on so many different platforms throughout the Internet.



Anyways, we are very excited about performing together at Morgan Creek Vineyards this evening.


Here is a sample of our music.


Health and the Electronic Muse

I took the summer off WordPress. Sorry. The reason I did it was because I had some health concerns.

After my good doctor and I took care of the health concerns I marveled at the miracle and majesty of modern medicine.

So much of my health depends on my parents and my genes.

Amazingly, I am happy to know there are many medicines and pills to conquer ailments which could have killed people years ago, if left untreated.
Then again, there’s a need for all of us to take care of our health.

It’s so easy to fall into a lush, luxurious life of leisure.

There are so many temptations with the Internet that vaunt the pleasures of a sedentary life!

Partly because of my ADHD I struggle with so many challenges to pull away from the electronic muse and the latest news.

So now, today I received good news regarding my health.

Things are back on the beam.

I hope to write again soon. Just wanted to state that those to whom I subscribe on WordPress are doing a wonderful job of keeping me entertained and informed. Once again, thank you! ūüôā I enjoy reading your posts as well.
Musically yours,

Amy Zents

A new website domain name

Find my music at CD Baby

So now I’m using this WordPress to update my music life. Part of being me, is being a radio broadcaster, a singer-songwriter and a music teacher.

I do have a music teaching studio call Zents Music Studio, but my life is really a studio of sorts. I’m learning everyday.

Although I’m looking forward to a bright musical future, I also want to discuss great singing technique, guitar and piano which I teach. But also there’s the lessons of living.

As a writer and songwriter there are stories everywhere you go, from the smiling old woman who curls her hair too tightly that you see at the grocery store, to the way you feel about the young guy who likes to use the electric wheelchair/shopping cart around the store even though he’s healthy.

There’s also the matter of psychology that comes along with being a performer. You can’t deny that people compare you as a singer-songwriter, the way you sing, the way you play, and the songs you write. Also, there’s no denying the CD’s which you record, and produce are always being judged.

There’s so many topics to write about here on my new WordPress domain at Zentsmusicstudio.com

Let the Reader Beware!

Everything we read online is posted by someone we may or may not know.
We hope that everything we read is true, but underneath we know not everything will be.

We were just watching Irma La Douce and in the movie she lies her pants off.

I imagine most of us do not lie when we post our stories or opinions online. I know I don’t fabricate huge lies about what I do, what I own and where I go. I don’t know if it takes a big imagination to tell tales, or if it just takes an ulterior motive.

The National Enquirer has a reputation of telling tales. One would think in this sue-happy climate, yellow journalism would be a thing of the past. But even other papers besides The Enquirer have been guilty of twisting the truth, writing lies, and padding their stories with lack of proof, fabrications and outright plagiarism.

Yellow journalism is the only kind of journalism nowadays, or so it seems.

We can agree to be honest with each other on our blogs, and hold each other to a higher standard of truth and honesty, and perhaps personal blogs are the only source of true journalism. Who knows? If there is no mercenary aspect behind writing a blog, one can always write the truth and shame the devil!

The reason yellow journalism is so rampant is because it sells. Sensationalism is always in season with the masses. Yellow journalism is often one-sided, dumbed-down, slanted, opinionated, and often untrue.

There’s a lot of bad things happening in the world, and any time newspapers or news outlets exploit a story with loud, salacious headlines, one has to wonder how much of it is true. Let the reader beware!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents 

The mind online


So everyone finds out sooner or later that while many of us do not know our neighbours, the stars of Hollywood are very well-known to most people. They like to use their fame as a platform for their opinions.
Like many of us, wasting time online is a pleasure to them as well.
The devil of it all is the bad example they communicate to the young.
Once the Internet was hailed as a boon to educate people and build ties, bridge differences and create global harmony.
Anyone who looks at their Facebook stream, especially during an election year will find out soon enough where loyalties lie among celebrities and commoners alike.
There is a study that mentioned the most dramatic and dismal posts are those that receive the most feedback.
I have curtailed my time on social media
because I don’t want to get depressed.
The old saying, “Thanks for sharing,” does not apply when “friends” or “followers” care to share the ugly sides of their world.
Am I a Pollyanna girl?
If I want to. It’s my right. I am sensitive. I get upset easily.
I will ache for you. Yet, if I am fragile, you will have to excuse me if I step away to protect myself.
The world that bleeds on me doesn’t need me to answer back.
I just won’t.
And I know that it won’t make one bit of difference if I won’t bite on the line.
Some folks need attention, and will bait you. I suggest they think about the long-term effects of their cries of “Wolf.”
Don’t play your games. The world needs less foolishness, and more strength, love and beauty!
Be free, but don’t be hurtful.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

Pings, pops, and buzzes.


I will be traveling the next couple of weeks.
I have so much to do before I go. Time to pick up tax forms, run errands, and clean house. I have to push myself to face all my responsibilities.
The problem with me is too often I get too comfortable sitting down
The whole world is in the palm of my hand. I love the Internet, but it slows me down.
I either sleep too much or too little.
Right now I need to get my head on straight, but first a cup of coffee to motivate me.
Probably a bunch of chores could get done if I  would just choose 1 to get started on. Firstly, I want to switch all the notifications off on my phone. If I sleep with my phone by my bed the pings, pops, and buzzes keep me waking up all night! I had better get going.
Lots to do, and it’s already the afternoon!

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Tortilla Chip Wisdom

You can consume your favorite Internet content in a variety of ways just be sure what you hear or see rings true

The choices by which you have to consume content online are multitudinous. That’s a ten dollar word for “many.” You can watch it, you can read it, you can hear it, you can see it, you can even interact with it in 3-D!

The question is, which way do you like to consume Internet content? I find them all interesting.

My only gripe with reading, or watching, or listening to advice spewn by so-called experts, is that once in awhile their wisdom is questionable.

Experience has taught us that when someone says, for example, “You can’t make a living as a poet,” or “You can’t make a hit movie on $7 grand,” or you better not do this or that, ¬†the fact is, someone else has done or is doing what the experts say is impossible!

In short, consume your favorite content in any flavor or style you like, just remember to take some things like you take your tortillas, with a grain of salt!

Future communities

Your tribe is out there

So are you afraid of the future?
Some prognosticators imagine that in about 75 years all drudge work will be automated. Already, a lot of jobs have been lost to computers, automation and oblivion. So if you hate your job, wherever you are on the totem pole, there’s a big chance your job will be taken over or eradicated, eventually. It will most likely be taken over by a robot. Robots have a lot of assets we humans do not. We are building smarter robots, and we are relying on them more and more.
However, the Internet has created a bridge that is conducive to human connection, communication and creativity. When you go online you are able to address a much bigger audience then at the local town hall. Are you on the edge of society? Is there a niche you are drawn to? Whether you love cribbage, history or physics, know there is a tribe just for you. It is possible that your online community will help you embrace the future and earn your keep. Seek and you shall find. Your community is out there.

Musically yours, Amy Zents