Let the Reader Beware!

Everything we read online is posted by someone we may or may not know.
We hope that everything we read is true, but underneath we know not everything will be.

We were just watching Irma La Douce and in the movie she lies her pants off.

I imagine most of us do not lie when we post our stories or opinions online. I know I don’t fabricate huge lies about what I do, what I own and where I go. I don’t know if it takes a big imagination to tell tales, or if it just takes an ulterior motive.

The National Enquirer has a reputation of telling tales. One would think in this sue-happy climate, yellow journalism would be a thing of the past. But even other papers besides The Enquirer have been guilty of twisting the truth, writing lies, and padding their stories with lack of proof, fabrications and outright plagiarism.

Yellow journalism is the only kind of journalism nowadays, or so it seems.

We can agree to be honest with each other on our blogs, and hold each other to a higher standard of truth and honesty, and perhaps personal blogs are the only source of true journalism. Who knows? If there is no mercenary aspect behind writing a blog, one can always write the truth and shame the devil!

The reason yellow journalism is so rampant is because it sells. Sensationalism is always in season with the masses. Yellow journalism is often one-sided, dumbed-down, slanted, opinionated, and often untrue.

There’s a lot of bad things happening in the world, and any time newspapers or news outlets exploit a story with loud, salacious headlines, one has to wonder how much of it is true. Let the reader beware!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents 

Tortilla Chip Wisdom

You can consume your favorite Internet content in a variety of ways just be sure what you hear or see rings true

The choices by which you have to consume content online are multitudinous. That’s a ten dollar word for “many.” You can watch it, you can read it, you can hear it, you can see it, you can even interact with it in 3-D!

The question is, which way do you like to consume Internet content? I find them all interesting.

My only gripe with reading, or watching, or listening to advice spewn by so-called experts, is that once in awhile their wisdom is questionable.

Experience has taught us that when someone says, for example, “You can’t make a living as a poet,” or “You can’t make a hit movie on $7 grand,” or you better not do this or that, ┬áthe fact is, someone else has done or is doing what the experts say is impossible!

In short, consume your favorite content in any flavor or style you like, just remember to take some things like you take your tortillas, with a grain of salt!