Where is my phone?

Hold tight to your phone

Part of ADHD is losing your phone.

You can look high and low.

It always helps to have a second pair of eyes to help look for you.

I have left my phone in various places. The worst place is when I lost my brand new cellphone in Philadelphia. I discovered, to my horror, someone had kept my phone and started to use it for their own personal service, even though I’d wiped it clean with with an app and told the mobile service about the loss.

I was shocked to see the mobile service allow them to use my telephone number for a stranger’s personal use.

After some negotiations and threats of legal action, I got my telephone number back, and they were not allowed to use my phone with that particular service.

However, I never did get my new phone back.

The best place I ever lost my phone was in the International Spy museum in Washington, DC.

Don’t mess with the CIA!

I was in a hurry and I went to the bathroom and I left it in the bathroom stall.

Nobody touched it.

When I called the front desk, they all went on a hunt for it and someone found it in the bathroom stall where I left it.

I suppose it was left untouched where I forgot it because others may have thought it might be a trap!

It was the Spy museum by all counts, and stealing a smartphone there might bring serious and deadly consequences if James Bond movies are anything to go by!


Pings, pops, and buzzes.


I will be traveling the next couple of weeks.
I have so much to do before I go. Time to pick up tax forms, run errands, and clean house. I have to push myself to face all my responsibilities.
The problem with me is too often I get too comfortable sitting down
The whole world is in the palm of my hand. I love the Internet, but it slows me down.
I either sleep too much or too little.
Right now I need to get my head on straight, but first a cup of coffee to motivate me.
Probably a bunch of chores could get done if I  would just choose 1 to get started on. Firstly, I want to switch all the notifications off on my phone. If I sleep with my phone by my bed the pings, pops, and buzzes keep me waking up all night! I had better get going.
Lots to do, and it’s already the afternoon!

Musically yours, Amy Zents