Our Ambassadors

The Concord Singers

We have an all-male vocal group in New Ulm called the Concord Singers.

Their title is New Ulm’s Ambassadors of Goodwill.


Last night we went to hear them perform at German Park.

Fun German Songs

The group has been in the area for over 90 years

It’s a nod to our German Heritage here in my hometown of New Ulm, Minnesota!

Each summer the Concord Singers are a part of an annual celebration called Bavarian Blast.


Clap along đź‘Ź

An old-fashioned dream

An after-supper walk

We still play Pokemon Go.

At night my husband and I go for walks together.

We talk and we play Pokemon Go on our smartphones.

I can’t tell you how happy I am living in a residential neighborhood.

After growing up in the inner city, living in an apartment building, I love the contrast of just walking out the front door and up the tree-lined street.

It’s an old-fashioned dream come true.

Grand Arts Center Open House


On Sunday there was an open house at the Grand.

The Grand Center for the Arts is a delightful space in the downtown area of my town.


Lovely art on the walls
Creative decor
Gift shop

There have been many live performances in the building, as well as live music on the deck in the warmer months.

There is a bar, and during live performances they offer light fare as well to add to the conviviality for the guests.

One of the most unique features are the printing presses in the basement.

Printing press
Franz Kitzberger with his work
Drawers of movable type

To adapt to the times, the Grand has made many changes in its administration and functions in the community.

To stay relevant, it encourages artists to express their talents in exhibits, gallery shows, and public displays. Poets, dancers, musicians, painters, and many more artists, have benefited from the benevolence of The Grand and its supporters.

Future communities

Your tribe is out there

So are you afraid of the future?
Some prognosticators imagine that in about 75 years all drudge work will be automated. Already, a lot of jobs have been lost to computers, automation and oblivion. So if you hate your job, wherever you are on the totem pole, there’s a big chance your job will be taken over or eradicated, eventually. It will most likely be taken over by a robot. Robots have a lot of assets we humans do not. We are building smarter robots, and we are relying on them more and more.
However, the Internet has created a bridge that is conducive to human connection, communication and creativity. When you go online you are able to address a much bigger audience then at the local town hall. Are you on the edge of society? Is there a niche you are drawn to? Whether you love cribbage, history or physics, know there is a tribe just for you. It is possible that your online community will help you embrace the future and earn your keep. Seek and you shall find. Your community is out there.

Musically yours, Amy Zents