The mind online


So everyone finds out sooner or later that while many of us do not know our neighbours, the stars of Hollywood are very well-known to most people. They like to use their fame as a platform for their opinions.
Like many of us, wasting time online is a pleasure to them as well.
The devil of it all is the bad example they communicate to the young.
Once the Internet was hailed as a boon to educate people and build ties, bridge differences and create global harmony.
Anyone who looks at their Facebook stream, especially during an election year will find out soon enough where loyalties lie among celebrities and commoners alike.
There is a study that mentioned the most dramatic and dismal posts are those that receive the most feedback.
I have curtailed my time on social media
because I don’t want to get depressed.
The old saying, “Thanks for sharing,” does not apply when “friends” or “followers” care to share the ugly sides of their world.
Am I a Pollyanna girl?
If I want to. It’s my right. I am sensitive. I get upset easily.
I will ache for you. Yet, if I am fragile, you will have to excuse me if I step away to protect myself.
The world that bleeds on me doesn’t need me to answer back.
I just won’t.
And I know that it won’t make one bit of difference if I won’t bite on the line.
Some folks need attention, and will bait you. I suggest they think about the long-term effects of their cries of “Wolf.”
Don’t play your games. The world needs less foolishness, and more strength, love and beauty!
Be free, but don’t be hurtful.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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