Future communities

Your tribe is out there

So are you afraid of the future?
Some prognosticators imagine that in about 75 years all drudge work will be automated. Already, a lot of jobs have been lost to computers, automation and oblivion. So if you hate your job, wherever you are on the totem pole, there’s a big chance your job will be taken over or eradicated, eventually. It will most likely be taken over by a robot. Robots have a lot of assets we humans do not. We are building smarter robots, and we are relying on them more and more.
However, the Internet has created a bridge that is conducive to human connection, communication and creativity. When you go online you are able to address a much bigger audience then at the local town hall. Are you on the edge of society? Is there a niche you are drawn to? Whether you love cribbage, history or physics, know there is a tribe just for you. It is possible that your online community will help you embrace the future and earn your keep. Seek and you shall find. Your community is out there.

Musically yours, Amy Zents