Farmer’s Market Song

Gigantic radishes

I love Farmer’s markets.

I even wrote a lovely original short song about it.  🎶

Home-grown tomatoes fresh off the farm
Lovely green onions

So, not only can you buy fresh produce at the farmer’s market, but fresh baked goods and jars of tasty delicious delights!

Yes! Farmer’s markets may be trendy, but they are growing in popularity!

Join the trend and treat yourself at your local Farmers market!

P.S. If nothing is ready, well you just have to watch and wait!😀

Fitness Paradise

Today and every day I get to go workout and go swimming! 🏊‍♂️

Fun pool

I love to swim!

Rec center

I joined our local community recreation center!

Nice folks

The recreation center director was kind enough to have one of the employees give my husband and I the grand tour.

The swimming pool is huge

Spin classes. a specially treated comfy walking track, a giant pool and exercise equipment, all at our disposal!

Then dessert

All that swimming made me hungry!

On the Tube: A Novel Character

Miss Fisher

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries are always a fun escape into a lush world of an Australian aristocrat.

Sometimes I find her a little too unnaturally daring, and the circumstances surrounding her plots, a little unreal.

But the whole idea is she is some sort of woman superhero, who always gets her criminal!

There is a back story too, regarding her sister who was murdered as well, adding to the suspense and seriousness of the story.

However there is a lot of humor injected into each mystery as well, making it somewhat campy at times.

Overall, I enjoy the series and I’m revisiting it after a few years.

I also like the sequel they created called, “Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

Not as popular or as long-running as the original TV series.

Peregrine Fisher

Overall, I like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries as well as it’s spin-off.

Car Watch: Explore Autofest

Today’s grand day out

We enjoyed a sensational experience for car-lovers today.


There was a variety of cars and trucks!

Sweet classic

An unusual variety of vehicles were on display.

Dune buggy

I couldn’t resist all the fun cars!

Me and a cool roadster

We enjoyed old and new cars and trucks.

The hood ornament is a rat!

Over the next few Sundays I will feature more cars from the 20th Annual New Ulm Auto fest Cycle and Car Show!

Singing with Hubby on stage last night

Last night our outdoor concert was moved indoors because of an excessive heat warning.

Temperatures were in the high 90’s. It was 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36.11 degrees Celsius) at 7pm, the time when we were supposed to be outside at the park to perform.

Happily, we got to perform indoors, on stage, at the local community center.

Loading up all the equipment was not too bad.

Teamwork and a dolly

I didn’t know if I wanted to dress up or style my hair.

So I just did the easy thing and pulled back my hair.

Ready to sing!

When we got to the venue, the Park and Rec director was there to open doors, turn on the lights and assist us.

She called Maddie O’Connor, a high school senior and fit athlete, to help lift and carry in our heavy speakers and other heavy equipment.

Maddie is a great lifter. She lifts weights, plays hockey, softball and basketball.

The performance venue was changed from German Park to the community center. People began to trickle in.

We eventually had a good-sized audience in spite of the heat outside!

I was a little distracted by all the people coming in at the beginning of show so I kind of got off track during our first number.

Here is a recording of our show last night.

Lots of nostalgic songs, but very fun to perform!

Hubby sent me this to make me laugh 😍

On the Tube: College Capers,_Very_Popular

I recorded an on-demand silly yet fabulous film on YouTube TV starring Betty Grable.

When the movie works, it’s great.

This movie is involved with a hypnotized vulnerable exotic dancer and her friend who wind up in a fraternity, while they run away from a bald killer.

It is really funny in places, and the dance segments are phenomenal.

You have a college man, who ends up staying in college for 17 years.

I don’t want to do all the work for you, but if you like comedy mixed with hijinx you will totally like this film

The nice thing is that it is NOT a musical with dreaming and singing with invisible orchestras, so it seems cooler than that.

I hope you give it a glance if you want to laugh at people getting bonked on the head with a detached mannequin’s arm.

Car Watch: Mustang GT

American automobile Ford Mustang

It’s a very hot day!

Solar-powered waterfall

Time to “pony” up a hot car, The Mustang GT.

Convertible Mustang GT

The Mustang has a long history.

Find out more here:

Grand Touring

Music in the Park

Over the summer our Park and Rec department puts on free Monday evening concerts in the park.

The Wildflowers all-woman trio performed at night .
Fun for the kiddies

Almost every Monday hubby and I go there to either listen or to perform.

In fact, next Monday night hubby and I will be performing our free concert there.

My music duo Molly and Sonny Boy

Yes it is hot and sunny this time of year, but hopefully, we’ll have a nice breeze like there was last night. Although it is predicted to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.78 Celsius when we come on to perform next Monday night!

The MC is my KNUJ boss, Brian

Once again 7pm in German Park, Monday June 20, 2022!

It may get hot or be relocated to the Community Center at 600 N. German, but we’ll have a lot of fun either way!

Here we are with an original sing we composed.

On the Tube: My Favourite Marple

Humorous Detective

Who doesn’t just love Agatha Christie?

When life gets rather stressful, I often binge on Poirot and Miss Marple episodes found for free online, or recorded on a streaming service.

Last night, we watched Helen Hayes play Miss Marple on a “Caribbean Mystery

Then we watched Julia Mckenzie playing Miss Marple in the same story.

I also enjoy watching Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, and I’ve seen all the Marple episodes with Joan Hickson, who began playing the amateur detective at age 78 .

Angela Landsbury played Miss Marple and a few others, but based on all my views of Marple movies and broadcasts, I like Margaret Rutherford best.

Maybe it was her bumbling behavior or her sidekick real-life husband Stringer Davis who joined her in her exploits, but there is nothing like the influential eloquence of Ms. Rutherford as Miss Marple!

Acrually, Rutherford was a friend of author Agatha Christie and because of that she probably had an advantage!

Car Watch : The Bug

A compact. economical love bug 💘

I saw this recently.

“The People’s Car”

I was surprised to see it also had a sunroof!

Sunroof on a Volkswagen Bug

So where did the Volkswagen Beetle “Bug” come from?

It was made for the economy of the German nation commissioned by Adolf Hitler.

A long history

A more in-depth look at the Beetle can be found on Wikipedia here: