On the Tube: My Favourite Marple

Humorous Detective

Who doesn’t just love Agatha Christie?

When life gets rather stressful, I often binge on Poirot and Miss Marple episodes found for free online, or recorded on a streaming service.

Last night, we watched Helen Hayes play Miss Marple on a “Caribbean Mystery


Then we watched Julia Mckenzie playing Miss Marple in the same story.


I also enjoy watching Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, and I’ve seen all the Marple episodes with Joan Hickson, who began playing the amateur detective at age 78 .


Angela Landsbury played Miss Marple and a few others, but based on all my views of Marple movies and broadcasts, I like Margaret Rutherford best.

Maybe it was her bumbling behavior or her sidekick real-life husband Stringer Davis who joined her in her exploits, but there is nothing like the influential eloquence of Ms. Rutherford as Miss Marple!

Acrually, Rutherford was a friend of author Agatha Christie and because of that she probably had an advantage!


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