On the Tube: Oxford, Morse, and Lewis

Lewis and Morse

I have to say that the late John Thaw has always been a favourite actor of mine.

His Inspector Morse series was always interesting to me.

The spin off on PBS regarding Inspector Lewis is also a lot of fun!

Oxford situated in the City of Dreaming Spires holds a special place in my heart!

Oxford University has 39 colleges

I do love England and what is more English than Oxford University?

So many wonderful writers came out of there, including C.S. Lewis and Tolkien!

It’s also a great research University as well.

You get a lot of Oxford in your eyeballs when you watch Inspector Morse and inspector Lewis.

If you love opera, Inspector Morse is right up your alley!

Morse loves Grand Opera

Apparently, the interest in Inspector Morse has not died, what with the new seasons and episodes of “Endeavour.”

Shaun Evans and Roger Allam

I like watching Endeavour too!

Mark Twain got an honorary degree from Oxford University and he was always wearing his robes even to his daughter’s wedding!

Yes! There are many fine universities you can go to throughout the world, but everybody has heard of Oxford University!

On The Tube: Delicacies Destiny

Feelings of love abound in “Delicacies Destiny.”

Disney Channel streams this enjoyable series of 16 episodes set in the Royal Courts of China.

Food and cooking holds a central role in this show and so does the Delicacy Kitchen Head chef!

Modest Head Chef Ling

Also, slow-motion eating, combined with expressive sounds and moans of pleasure make you vicariously feel as if you are eating what you see on your screen.

Hubby and me will often eat and watch the show. Whether it’s a big steaming bowl of stirfried rice or a delicious tapioca pudding like this I had at lunchtime, Delicacies Destiny is always sure to satisfy your taste for good viewing.

Yummy 😋

On the Tube: Home Economics 1954

Stockings and skirts were the norm in the 1950’s

So things have changed for homemakers in the 21st century.

Women rarely do many of the chores and tasks of yore.

The home economics classes of the past promoted some great ideas for those who wanted to live a classy life, but many of those ideas have disappeared from our consciousness.

I watched this hilarious YouTube about some modern-day women who took a 1954 home economics test.


Wash your stockings ladies!

On the Tube: A Novel Character

Miss Fisher

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries are always a fun escape into a lush world of an Australian aristocrat.


Sometimes I find her a little too unnaturally daring, and the circumstances surrounding her plots, a little unreal.

But the whole idea is she is some sort of woman superhero, who always gets her criminal!

There is a back story too, regarding her sister who was murdered as well, adding to the suspense and seriousness of the story.

However there is a lot of humor injected into each mystery as well, making it somewhat campy at times.

Overall, I enjoy the series and I’m revisiting it after a few years.

I also like the sequel they created called, “Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries.”

Not as popular or as long-running as the original TV series.

Peregrine Fisher


Overall, I like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries as well as it’s spin-off.

On the Tube: College Capers


I recorded an on-demand silly yet fabulous film on YouTube TV starring Betty Grable.

When the movie works, it’s great.

This movie is involved with a hypnotized vulnerable exotic dancer and her friend who wind up in a fraternity, while they run away from a bald killer.

It is really funny in places, and the dance segments are phenomenal.

You have a college man, who ends up staying in college for 17 years.

I don’t want to do all the work for you, but if you like comedy mixed with hijinx you will totally like this film

The nice thing is that it is NOT a musical with dreaming and singing with invisible orchestras, so it seems cooler than that.

I hope you give it a glance if you want to laugh at people getting bonked on the head with a detached mannequin’s arm.

On the Tube: My Favourite Marple

Humorous Detective

Who doesn’t just love Agatha Christie?

When life gets rather stressful, I often binge on Poirot and Miss Marple episodes found for free online, or recorded on a streaming service.

Last night, we watched Helen Hayes play Miss Marple on a “Caribbean Mystery


Then we watched Julia Mckenzie playing Miss Marple in the same story.


I also enjoy watching Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple, and I’ve seen all the Marple episodes with Joan Hickson, who began playing the amateur detective at age 78 .


Angela Landsbury played Miss Marple and a few others, but based on all my views of Marple movies and broadcasts, I like Margaret Rutherford best.

Maybe it was her bumbling behavior or her sidekick real-life husband Stringer Davis who joined her in her exploits, but there is nothing like the influential eloquence of Ms. Rutherford as Miss Marple!

Acrually, Rutherford was a friend of author Agatha Christie and because of that she probably had an advantage!


On the Tube: Herman’s Hermits Band Bio

I just watched this band bio.


Herman’s Hermits had 30 top hits!

Original members of Herman’s Hermits

They added to an LP with a song they thought was rather ridiculous called, “Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter.” But of course it became a smash hit!

Many of their songs were released as popular singles.

There is the lead singer Peter Noone, but no Herman in the band.

Peter Noone

Herman was a band name derived from the name Sherman of the American cartoon, “Sherman and Peabody.”

There always seems to be great content in band biographies.

What is your favorite Herman’s Hermits song?

On the Tube: Hattie McDaniel

Hattie in a hat

We pay money for streaming services, but yet again I spent last night watching old programs on YouTube.

In particular, I enjoyed this documentary about the life of the multi-talented Hattie McDaniel.


Unfortunately, they really didn’t mention she had 5 husbands, but just focused on her final marriage and divorce to Larry Williams, a shiftless layabout.

More details about Ms. McDaniel’s personal life are revealed on her Wikipedia page.


Poor Hattie died at age 59 after being a target of protests against her subservient “house-maid” stereotype.


In retrospect, most startling to me was the relatively short lives of the leads of “Gone with the wind.”

Clark Gable died at age 59, Vivian Leigh died at age 53, and Leslie Howard was 50 years old when he died in 1943.

However, only Olivia De Haviland lived a long, lengthy life. She made it to age 104!

I just noticed her first name has the word “live” in it!

Also, she noted years later although she lost the Academy award to her rival Hattie, she felt it was a far better, and much bigger thing for the world.

Strangely, whereas Olivia de Haviland’s character Melanie dies in the movie, “Gone with the wind,” the actress Olivia out-lived all her co-stars in real life, while the other stars survived in the film.

P.S. In Georgia there is a “Gone with the wind” museum.


On the tube: “The Green Hornet.”

Van Williams and Bruce Lee

Each Monday I will show you what I’ve been watching in a new feature I have decided to call, “On the tube.”

Today I’m watching, “The Green Hornet.”

Campy fun.

Fun locator gadgets
Crime fighting fun

Sadly, it only went for one season on ABC, but such a lark.