News the Day Before It Happens!

Too bad they don’t say who won the horse races!!

Since all the financial cutbacks and firings in the newspaper world, our little town has not been immune to its repercussions.

For a few years now the Sunday paper is delivered on Saturday.

They could call it the Saturday paper, but you get twice the cartoons.

On the Tube: College Capers,_Very_Popular

I recorded an on-demand silly yet fabulous film on YouTube TV starring Betty Grable.

When the movie works, it’s great.

This movie is involved with a hypnotized vulnerable exotic dancer and her friend who wind up in a fraternity, while they run away from a bald killer.

It is really funny in places, and the dance segments are phenomenal.

You have a college man, who ends up staying in college for 17 years.

I don’t want to do all the work for you, but if you like comedy mixed with hijinx you will totally like this film

The nice thing is that it is NOT a musical with dreaming and singing with invisible orchestras, so it seems cooler than that.

I hope you give it a glance if you want to laugh at people getting bonked on the head with a detached mannequin’s arm.

Where is my phone?

Hold tight to your phone

Part of ADHD is losing your phone.

You can look high and low.

It always helps to have a second pair of eyes to help look for you.

I have left my phone in various places. The worst place is when I lost my brand new cellphone in Philadelphia. I discovered, to my horror, someone had kept my phone and started to use it for their own personal service, even though I’d wiped it clean with with an app and told the mobile service about the loss.

I was shocked to see the mobile service allow them to use my telephone number for a stranger’s personal use.

After some negotiations and threats of legal action, I got my telephone number back, and they were not allowed to use my phone with that particular service.

However, I never did get my new phone back.

The best place I ever lost my phone was in the International Spy museum in Washington, DC.

Don’t mess with the CIA!

I was in a hurry and I went to the bathroom and I left it in the bathroom stall.

Nobody touched it.

When I called the front desk, they all went on a hunt for it and someone found it in the bathroom stall where I left it.

I suppose it was left untouched where I forgot it because others may have thought it might be a trap!

It was the Spy museum by all counts, and stealing a smartphone there might bring serious and deadly consequences if James Bond movies are anything to go by!