On the Tube: College Capers


I recorded an on-demand silly yet fabulous film on YouTube TV starring Betty Grable.

When the movie works, it’s great.

This movie is involved with a hypnotized vulnerable exotic dancer and her friend who wind up in a fraternity, while they run away from a bald killer.

It is really funny in places, and the dance segments are phenomenal.

You have a college man, who ends up staying in college for 17 years.

I don’t want to do all the work for you, but if you like comedy mixed with hijinx you will totally like this film

The nice thing is that it is NOT a musical with dreaming and singing with invisible orchestras, so it seems cooler than that.

I hope you give it a glance if you want to laugh at people getting bonked on the head with a detached mannequin’s arm.

The Divine Right of Dogs

I live the life I love, and I love the life I live

It’s so easy to clog your day off with mundane tasks that really hold no priority. The best thing to do on your day off is to do exactly what you feel like doing!
Of course, this is not always feasible when you have to maintain a house. For me that means, still cooking and cleaning, still taking care of a diabetic dog’s needs, still putting in my proverbial 10,000 steps for the buzz on my Fitbit.
It also means following my healthy eating menu  and checking my Facebook and social media for a perk, a bump, a lift, or a laugh.
Otherwise, all bets are off.
Today is my day!
When you do have a day off and you are forced to go to the dentist, or to the hair salon, or to fulfill some obligation that encroaches on your free time, it is such a nuisance. It is abhorrent!
When you know, starting tomorrow, you’re going to be working for a long stretch, then today is the day to be self-indulgent and relax and lie down and take it easy, if you can.
On my day off, I generally live online. It’s so much fun to see what the rest of the world is doing.
I think my only point of reference on how to relax on my day off, is to think about my two dogs.
They live like the kings and queens of yore, with no obligations whatsoever.
The divine right of dogs is to rule over and (maybe even pee over) all they survey, and sniff.
The most thrilling part of my dogs day is when they get to traverse over sidewalks and streets with me.
We have 10,000 steps to do now!
Wherever you are, when you do get a day off, I hope you can enjoy it thoroughly too!


Musically yours, Amy Zents