The Wonderful World of Domeiers German Store

Me and Jim at Domeiers

As many of you know I do a weekly radio show called, “Music from Germany.”

It’s brought to you by Domeiers New Ulm’s German Store!

Hubby in front of Domeiers

Domeier’s is a unique store located at 1020 South Minnesota Street in my hometown of New Ulm, MN!

Tasty and unique treats 😋

It’s always a nice walk from my house to the wonderful world of Domeiers German Store!

I bring plastic sacks for the in-house dog, Charlie a darling Beagle boy!

My job

I am a radio dj

I am working today at the radio station 🚉

You can hear my show here

My perch

I’ve been in radio since 1993. It’s a job match made in heaven.

I have the gift of gab and my degree is in music!

Cool radio dj