A fun song

Hubby by the vats

Here we are hubby and me after a trip to a new whiskey distillery in town.

Blackfrost Distilling

After the fun we made music.


Songs that Come My Way: What a Wonderful World

I see skies of blue

My music duo Molly and Sunny boy recently recorded this song on a video.

Molly and Sonny Boy (Jim and me) singing, “What a wonderful world.”

The song became really popular after a film called, “Good morning Vietnam,” in 1988.


Today was a beautiful day. After covering ourselves with bug spray because of the crazy gnats, we took a lovely walk up our street.

A bird sitting on a corner watching us go by

There are some wonderful houses on our street as well.

This place complements their front porch with nude statueary.

Songs that come my way: “Nuages.”

I have decided to dedicate each Friday blog post to songs that come my way.

Whenever I discover a new song or remember a good song to share, I will post it here on Fridays.

Today we are going to feature a song that I had not heard before, or did not know much about.

A song called Clouds or “Nuages”

It was dedicated to me by a jazz trio because I was wearing my beret at a jazz night last Saturday night.

Me in my beret looking French with wine!

The band leader said, “Here is a Django Reinhardt song for you called, “Nuages,” a French word for clouds. ☁️

Here is the illustrious Monsieur Reinhardt on the guitar performing, “Nuages.”


Jim McGuire trio played it for me

To find out more about Django Reinhardt you can click here.


Watch Django Reinhardt play incredible music with just 2 fingers on the fretboard.


Marlene and Me

Dietrich’s Star

I am a big fan of German-French-American star Marlene Dietrich.

I like the song “Falling in love again,” so I did a video with hubby here.


One of the most popular motion picture stars of the thirties and forties, Marlene even has her own museum.


Hello Cappuccino!

Cappuccino makes me smile! 😊

My folk duo published this song.

It was inspired by a real-life experience.

I was introduced to a new coffee drink I never heard about until I moved to the USA.

It was called the Cappuccino.

I wrote the lyrics and hubby arranged the music and tweaked the lyrics to suit.

He put the African talking drum in there as well, to mimic the sounds of cappucinno-making.

I used video and photos from the time we were in Las Vegas.

Enjoy this song for free from Sonny Boy and me!