A fun song

Hubby by the vats

Here we are hubby and me after a trip to a new whiskey distillery in town.

Blackfrost Distilling

After the fun we made music.


Fighting over Charlie Brown


Went for my big walk today. I’m trying to drop a lot of weight, so I go for big walks everyday. The two furkids love it!
Whilst I walk, I like to listen to Inspector Stone. Or some other mystery podcast. Today I was listening to Inspector Stone. His beat is a rough section of Manchester, England.
This one I was listening to was about a bunch of thugs. I thought about where I grew up in downtown Toronto. It was called Regent Park.
It was the furthest thing from royal ever!
Not like your Regent’s Park in Great Britain! 🙂
More like low-income housing!
I was bullied a lot as a kid.
Mostly, because I was weak as a kitten, and spoke like a baby. I was the youngest and babied by a single mother, and as an incredible singer I lived in a dream world of my own.
One day this girl stole my Charlie Brown comic book. I found reading comics made life better. She took my book and put it in her locker. I confronted her about it in class. I kicked my chair back and stood up. The teacher intervened. I never got my book back. I wanted to punch that girl in the face. I found that bullying creates tremendous hostility in the one being bullied.
Nevertheless, I realized in retrospect, I found so much fun in comics.
I suspect that the bullying girl wanted the same pleasure I found in Charlie Brown. Let it be.
I forgive her. I love comics! I love Snoopy, I love Charlie Brown, and I even love Lucy, the bully.

Musically yours, Amy Zents