A blood draw and Springtime beauty

This morning I had to have a blood draw for a glucose test.

The results were great!

It’s helpful to know your blood sugar or glucose levels.

Blood draw

I found getting needles (and/or shots) really bother me.

It hurts me so much!

But, sometimes it is necessary for health reasons.

I learned the hard way that it’s important to relax your arm every time you get a blood draw.

A couple years ago. I suffered a terrible strain in my forearm muscle tendon that was painful, and lasted for months.

Today, I exhaled to feel better, all the while shocked at the hurtful jab.

I forgot how much it hurt to get jabbed.

Today driving to the clinic everything was so beautiful. The sun was out and the grass was a lush dark green!

Glorious Spring colors!

I’m done with my annual physical, but it’s good to get an annual check-up from top to toe.

Keep calm and carry on.

After the storm

The sun is out now

Last night we were in a tornado warning.

There was a lot of rain and lightning and thunder.

Scary night

For awhile we lost the Internet and even our Starlink satellite service was not receiving.

But everything got back online after a spell.

A lovely day today

The birds and squirrels are happy this morning and the chipmunks and rabbits are glad the storm is over. So am I!!!

Better than Winter

Looking out my kitchen window

It was a long-time coming, but it looks like Spring has finally sprung!

To celebrate the joys of warmer weather, I brought home a stunningly beautiful Hydrangea plant.

A flowering Hydrangea plant
Beautuful Hydrangea 😍

They say being here in Minnesota is like living 6 months in Eden, and 6 months on Mars!

Well then, hypothetically-speaking, it looks like being here in May through October will be better than Winter!

The fountain is up and running now!

A good walk

Everyday I try and get in a good walk.

I am so happy the weather has warmed up here in Southern Minnesota.

It’s good to see the sun

Some springtime delights include kite-flying. I ordered a beach kite. I am excited to show you it when it arrives and we take it out.

Talk to you soon!

Spring break

We are having some very cold weather here. It really stresses me out. It’s very much like Winter today instead of Spring. I like to get outside, but when the weather is windy and cold I tend to feel sorry for myself. So last night after work I had my husband James take me out to a local restaurant for an Impossible burger. No supper dishes to deal with this morning and a little less stress.

When it’s Springtime in Minnesota

Today was a glorious day! 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or 20 degrees Celsius, and a nice, cool breeze.

You never know what kind of weather you will get in Minnesota, especially in the Spring.

You never know if you will get a snow storm or a heat wave. Minnesota weather has a mind of it’s own.

On days like today when the weather is perfect, you feel like having a party!

Yesterday my Poodle Cole turned 13 years old. To me he is still a puppy, full of pep, and joie de vivre!

I just took him, and the Pomeranian out for a walk in the beautiful sunshine.

Perhaps later on I will get the motivation to finally mow the front and back lawn!

Tonight we must celebrate Spring in Minnesota because days like this don’t come every day!