Springtime Storms

High damaging winds

Yesterday we experienced severe weather in our neck of the woods.

We live in South-Central Minnesota.

Tree branches came down on my street.

A huge tree branch fell by a truck

The news was worse. Others had been hit harder in surrounding areas.

After the storm, hubby and I took a walk.

Me and Jim out on a walk
The sun peeked out

Gladly, we enjoyed cooler temps.

Springtime storms can be scary.

After the storm

The sun is out now

Last night we were in a tornado warning.

There was a lot of rain and lightning and thunder.

Scary night

For awhile we lost the Internet and even our Starlink satellite service was not receiving.

But everything got back online after a spell.

A lovely day today

The birds and squirrels are happy this morning and the chipmunks and rabbits are glad the storm is over. So am I!!!

Went storm shopping tonight!


Tonight I looked in my fridge. There wasn’t much in there. In fact, the air was humid and I felt hot and sticky from walking outdoors with the two dogs. l needed more fresh fruit, eggs, canola oil, coconut water and yogurt.
What drove me to the store, besides my truck?
I think it was the impending storm.
When I left the parking lot after my grocery run, the sun had set and it was night. I looked up at the sky.
It was a lightening storm, so colourful and fierce, with flashes of orange, white and blue like an old-fashioned camera’s flashbulb.

I felt a little frightened, yet mesmerized.
Storms always get me nervous as a cat!
Storms always get me to the store as well!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents