Homemade happiness

So yesterday after work I came home ravenous as usual. Nobody feels like cooking after they get home hungry. It was such a joy to come home to what my husband made for me: tofu vegetables stir fry on a bed of Japanese noodles with a delicious peanut sauce made by my own “personal chef,” James!

Yum 😋

Spring break

We are having some very cold weather here. It really stresses me out. It’s very much like Winter today instead of Spring. I like to get outside, but when the weather is windy and cold I tend to feel sorry for myself. So last night after work I had my husband James take me out to a local restaurant for an Impossible burger. No supper dishes to deal with this morning and a little less stress.

Universal Sport

People often complain that they can’t make room for exercise. That is nonsense.
All you have to do is step outside and see your gym. There are hills to climb, there are places to walk or run to, and of course there are all the other opportunities for motion with a bicycle, homemade gym, or even housework.

Since I am a prognosticator of future events, I believe that in this 21st century, it is even more vital that we work on being thin and fit.

New inventions are making life more exciting for those who can engage with their environment on a physical level.

I don’t say hand-gliding, or bodysuit-flying is for me, but one would feel much better going down a zipline or going down a waterslide or riding on a brand new amusement ride if one is thin and fit.

Sadly, that is not in the range of many people today.

So the question has been raised, who rules your body? Take charge and don’t let your lack of self-control ruin your life. You deserve the best, and that means taking care of your body.

I thought I saw my future self walk by the window of my radio station the other day. I told my sister my destiny could be one of two things. Either a women of 82 who is trim, with great posture, and a sprint in her step, or else one of those morbidly obese in the Tom Kruse Hoveround, going through the till at the grocery store, clutching a bag of chips and soda pop, unable to walk.

Since I do not want the latter, and I pray and hope and daily work towards the former, I think about tomorrow, but I focus on this moment. I chronicle everything I eat, and I wear my fitness watch that tracks my heart rate, my steps and my sleeping.

We all have dreams, but the time is now to wake up and act, to make our dreams come true!

Boiled Eggs & Brown Rice

One thing that really saves me a lot of time is cooking ahead.

We always like to eat hard-boiled eggs and brown rice in our diet.

These two staples are the launching pad for many a delicious meal.

When I have a little extra time where I can mind the stove, such as today, a day off from work, I will make a big pot of brown rice, and boil a lot of eggs, plenty to satisfy my husband, and the two dogs who love eggs just as much as we do!

The eggs often wind up covered with horseradish, find their way into salads, or are just enjoyed on their own with a little salt and pepper.

Brown rice, an impetus to make stir fry, rice omelettes, and of course vegetable-fried rice, a family favorite!

When you have a bed of rice, a little hot sauce and butter make a quick meal!

If I could find it, I would show you.

I have a t-shirt I bought years ago at Comic-Con. It says, rice is nice.

So are eggs!

To Be Strong for Comic Con!


Today I am pondering my Weight Reduction Plan.
Daily I try to move more, and eat less.
Nevertheless, in spite of all my good intentions it feels like it’s an uphill climb.
Food is so wonderful, and so plentiful here in the USA.
The Internet is so alluring,  and sitting on my bum is more convenient than anything.
How do I get back to the size 10 l once was?
I still exercise 30 minutes plus daily: be it walking the dogs or swimming laps, cleaning house or trudging behind a lawn mower.
Yet, it’s food that always arrests my progress.
The needle on the scale repeats the same numbers with minor variations of 3-4 lbs. Like a mini-see-saw up + down, a half a pound..
l am going to continue my quest for a tiny waist and a buff physique, but right now it all seems like a pipe-dream. Wishful thinking.
I keep a daily public record of all I eat on Pinterest.

My little meals

l have Very Real Reasons that motivate
me to want to be fit as a gymnast.
One reason is to have more pep.
The other is to be able to give to others more. More service, more help, and more encouragement.
It’s hard to make others feel good about themselves when you don’t feel so good about yourself.
The most selfish reason l have to show extreme self-denial from the abundance of food and drink temptations is Cosplay.
I can’t wear the sexy cinch-waist Steam Punk
fashions I crave when my gut hangs over my FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area!)
So, I have to continue my fitness endeavours.
I need to stretch, strength-train, do cardio and
keep monitoring what I eat.
I have been very good about NOT eating between 8pm-8am.
I have a trip to San Diego Comic Con coming up in the latter part of July.
My ego begs me to look hot, my appetite begs me to eat hearty!
Here is my original song:

To be strong for Comic Con

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

My Little Meals


I have a new Pinterest board to track my eating.
My Little Meals
It’s been noted that eating several small meals a day is better for you than eating huge meals infrequently.
So, I am experimenting with the idea.
Even though I am a vegetarian, I still need to be careful about the foods I eat.
Feel free to follow my board.
The best food is tasted and savored.
A good way to do that is eating like a gourmet and not like a gourmand.

Food in focus


I think I might have a philosophy about emotional eating.
I find when I’m bored I turn to food. Food is not boring. Food comes in an endless variety. You can just go on Pinterest, and search the word “food” and soon you will find a billion delicious photos of food to drool over.
I come from a foodie background. Both my parents were in the restaurant business, and both were fantastic cooks.
My interest in food goes all the way back to my childhood, to a time when I used to watch my mother make the most delicious German dishes and Greek dishes, from foreign recipes. She used foreign language cookbooks that only she understood, not to mention the foreign measurements, none of us besides her could translate.
She would make sauerbraten, souvlaki,  tzatziki and other delicious main dishes, and she could bake a variety of delicious desserts that would curl your hair and your toes!
After I dropped out of high school, I went to Manpower. They made me take a test. It was a way for them to find out what my career should be. It said the test results were that I should be a cook!
They had me enroll in a cooking program, called Commercial Cooking and Baking.
I never took the class because I left Toronto, Canada in 1981 to get married, and move to United States.
After doing a few stints at babysitting, being a housekeeper, and trying to sell makeup,  I was hired as a cook in a hospital.
I found cooking for others was a far different story than cooking for oneself.
To sum up, it is better to cook for yourself. If you cook for others and their special dietary needs, it becomes repetitive and boring. Especially in a hospital setting; especially in the late 1980s.
I don’t know what hospital food is like these days. Yet, back then, I not only cooked for the patients, I also cooked for the staff.
The mundane American diet could not hold a candle to my exotic foreign mother and her delicious dishes.
I found it was such a disappointment to make the same things over and over again, still, that did not turn me off food.
Food is happiness on a plate.
Food is my premium go-to delight when things get rough. The point is not to allow things to get that rough.
The point is easier said than done. Try to find things that you’re interested in, besides food, such as people, music, art, pets, fashion, travel and other wonderful treats that make life fun.
If possible, try not to give food the starring role all the time.
However I must say, be grateful if you can still smell and taste, and cook!
Food is wonderful. And there’s nothing that beats home-cooking when you have a wonderful chef at the helm.
There are other things that may be wonderful, but I confess food really takes the cake!

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Zany days


Spring is finally here. We’re in for all kinds of roller coaster weather.
A little rain is in the forecast, also a little snow.
The nights of thunderstorms are coming this way. That is no picnic in the park when you have 2 dogs who hate thunderstorms.

Say goodbye to your sleep. The dogs will crawl into the master bed, and climb on your face and head for feelings of security and safety.
Today I had a ravishing hunger. I made a taco salad, and then I was reading about Chelsea Market. The one in New York City.

I just had to make a homemade crepe. We had fresh whole nutmeg. So I fried a delicious crepe, and I grated some fresh nutmeg, adding delicious  butter, cinnamon and maple syrup!

Some days are easier to diet than others.
Nevertheless, I do have two days off to do some house things, and get some exercise, and prepare for a big couple of weeks of solid working.
Lately my dreams have been pretty vivid. Sometimes they are of me being an alter-ego character such as a superhero or a billionaire. Sometimes I’m screaming with fright in my dream, as I’m dangling in the air, hanging off one of those cable cars that got off their cable.
The busier I get, the more strange and scary, or more strange and varied my dreams are! 🙂

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Worth the effort

It’s worth the effort

When you are a kid you are told, and/or scolded to, “Eat your vegetables!” When you get older you realize as an adult, you can shove your face into a chocolate cake, you can drink bourbon and eat Cap’n Crunch for supper, and know that a quart of ice cream in your freezer has your name written all over it!

Then when you get older, and get fat, you repent. You realize you want to stay young at heart physically and mentally, so now you had better eat your vegetables.

I have been on a health kick lately. I have been walking at least 10,000 steps a day using my Fit Bit and I have been striving for a flat belly by eating whole-grain bread, peanut butter, and fresh strawberries for breakfast with a protein shake. For lunch I’ve been having a fresh salad.

Today was rushed and particularly hard, but I realized instead of making something fast, like a bowl of cereal with milk, or making something delicious such as oven baked french fries for lunch, I should just hop to it and put together a salad. I confess, it was worth the effort!