To Be Strong for Comic Con!


Today I am pondering my Weight Reduction Plan.
Daily I try to move more, and eat less.
Nevertheless, in spite of all my good intentions it feels like it’s an uphill climb.
Food is so wonderful, and so plentiful here in the USA.
The Internet is so alluring,  and sitting on my bum is more convenient than anything.
How do I get back to the size 10 l once was?
I still exercise 30 minutes plus daily: be it walking the dogs or swimming laps, cleaning house or trudging behind a lawn mower.
Yet, it’s food that always arrests my progress.
The needle on the scale repeats the same numbers with minor variations of 3-4 lbs. Like a mini-see-saw up + down, a half a pound..
l am going to continue my quest for a tiny waist and a buff physique, but right now it all seems like a pipe-dream. Wishful thinking.
I keep a daily public record of all I eat on Pinterest.

My little meals

l have Very Real Reasons that motivate
me to want to be fit as a gymnast.
One reason is to have more pep.
The other is to be able to give to others more. More service, more help, and more encouragement.
It’s hard to make others feel good about themselves when you don’t feel so good about yourself.
The most selfish reason l have to show extreme self-denial from the abundance of food and drink temptations is Cosplay.
I can’t wear the sexy cinch-waist Steam Punk
fashions I crave when my gut hangs over my FUPA (Fat Upper Pubic Area!)
So, I have to continue my fitness endeavours.
I need to stretch, strength-train, do cardio and
keep monitoring what I eat.
I have been very good about NOT eating between 8pm-8am.
I have a trip to San Diego Comic Con coming up in the latter part of July.
My ego begs me to look hot, my appetite begs me to eat hearty!
Here is my original song:

To be strong for Comic Con

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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