Keep your Spark in the Dark

Many are guilty of it, including billionaire business magnates.

First let me speak from personal experience. I had a gal assist me with the housework a couple nights a week. I told her I was off sugar. I needed to lose weight. I asked her to videotape my impassioned declaration to the Universe that I was going to drop 50 lbs. 

She gobbled up my enthusiasm and imitated my passion for losing weight. She stopped eating sugar too. She took it a step further by exercising nightly, and turned to her mum for support. Needless to say, she went from frumpy to fabulous, and so did her mom!😭 As for me,  I just maintained my weight, and she and her mum got skinny.

Something strange happens in human contact that propels some people to steal other people’s dreams, ideas, and desires, or else just get motivated by them.

Keep the big dreams under your hat and be careful.

As my acting coach always told me, don’t give your power away!


Time to track time

A good way to find out what you do with your life is to track what you do with your time.
Be the boss of who you are. Tell yourself what to do. Be careful not to be distracted.

If you pay attention to the things you do you will start to lead your own parade.

Others will take notice, but pay them no mind. Keep your eyes on your own track, and get what you want.

Keep in mind, you will have a good life when you appreciate the fact that only you are responsible for your self-respect. You can have whatever you feel you deserve. 

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and focus on the pleasure of your own goals.

It’s important to win. The things others have are things you can have too if you can pay attention to how you control yourself in the time you have been given.

The mind controls the body, so use your head.

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Zany days


Spring is finally here. We’re in for all kinds of roller coaster weather.
A little rain is in the forecast, also a little snow.
The nights of thunderstorms are coming this way. That is no picnic in the park when you have 2 dogs who hate thunderstorms.

Say goodbye to your sleep. The dogs will crawl into the master bed, and climb on your face and head for feelings of security and safety.
Today I had a ravishing hunger. I made a taco salad, and then I was reading about Chelsea Market. The one in New York City.

I just had to make a homemade crepe. We had fresh whole nutmeg. So I fried a delicious crepe, and I grated some fresh nutmeg, adding delicious  butter, cinnamon and maple syrup!

Some days are easier to diet than others.
Nevertheless, I do have two days off to do some house things, and get some exercise, and prepare for a big couple of weeks of solid working.
Lately my dreams have been pretty vivid. Sometimes they are of me being an alter-ego character such as a superhero or a billionaire. Sometimes I’m screaming with fright in my dream, as I’m dangling in the air, hanging off one of those cable cars that got off their cable.
The busier I get, the more strange and scary, or more strange and varied my dreams are! 🙂

Musically yours, Amy Zents