Saturday Sunshine

Yesterday was crazy.

Mopping slop

What’s a nightmare?

Water in the basement. That’s what.

I went in the laundry room the day before wondering why there was so much water on the floor.

It was running through a wall.

I went to the back room to discover the water in the laundry room was nothing compared to the water on the floor in the back basement room, where the Internet modem is, along with numerous boxes and bins, old computer modems and old electronics. What a pain!

All those boxes and bins standing in 2 to three inches of water.

I mopped and mopped.

I finally had hubby turn off the water to see if it was leaky walls or a leaking pipe.

I phoned the plumber to see if they could squeeze me in on Friday.

They could not.

I spent hours and hours with hubby clearing out that wet storage room.

In desperation, I called the plumber again for a referral. He graciously obliged me with a referral.

A freelance plumber came out

He spotted the problem after awhile.

It turns the problem was pipe in the wall, where we had installed an outdoor faucet for the garden hose, had burst in winter. Never leave the water hose on in the freezing weather!

He replaced the pipe and so far all is well.

A replacement pipe.

Hopefully the problem is solved now.

It looks that way.

I’m very grateful for our local plumber’s referral, and the freelance plumber who was available yesterday to come over, spot and solve our problem!

Like Shakespeare says, “All’s well that ends well!

An old-fashioned dream

An after-supper walk

We still play Pokemon Go.

At night my husband and I go for walks together.

We talk and we play Pokemon Go on our smartphones.

I can’t tell you how happy I am living in a residential neighborhood.

After growing up in the inner city, living in an apartment building, I love the contrast of just walking out the front door and up the tree-lined street.

It’s an old-fashioned dream come true.

April 1st

I got up at 6 o’clock this morning.

I planned my day the night before.

I did my gratitude journal and my daily mindset.

I took a shower after breakfast. Now I should focus on the housework.

I have a meeting at noon at work.

It is a new month.

There is a lot to do.

But the wind is calm. That means it’s time now to play some outdoor table tennis for some morning exercise!

I like outdoors.

That is my social media. I cleaned the bird bath and I filled the bird feeder last night.

Gather ye rose buds while ye may, and carpe diem!