A little ping pong

One of the most therapeutic things I discovered after I lost my beloved Poodle Cole is the sport of outdoor table tennis..

Today it was rather windy but we did get 3 games in. I still miss my sweet little dog and sports helps me keep from obsessing about him.

My boo

Tired and disgusted

Normally in November the weather is gray and yucky like this picture

I should be very happy. The weather today was not all gray and depressing as it normally is in November. In fact, it got up to 72 degrees, or  22.222 degrees Celsius.

Seeing a hearse outside Domino’s Pizza Parlor just makes me wonder about being overworked

But when you burn the candle at both ends, it doesn’t take a mighty straw to break the camel’s back.

I have so many balls in the air lately, sleep is just an interruption. When I really find myself fast asleep, then it’s time to get up and take care of the diabetic Pomeranian, and take the dogs out to wee.

Not only that, the two dogs have taken it upon themselves to be my alarm clock x 2. They bark their heads off when they want me to get out of bed on their timetable.

I have dyspraxia so it’s hard enough to finally go to sleep at night, and then to have to get up prematurely, it’s really awful.

One of the dogs loves to jump on the bed and jump on me. He tries to get me to get up by jumping up and down and barking on me. The other dog, who is visually challenged, just barks and barks to get me up.

The weird thing is that they go to bed when I go to bed, but they’re up before the dawn ready to go and run. So lately my life has just been so sleep-deprived. Tonight I’m going to try to go to bed a little sooner. Yet because of my  projects and work, no housework  has been done and yet it’s really piling up like crazy.

It’s awful when there’s no food in the fridge, dirty dishes in the sink and no one to do all the work except yourself.

I’m seriously considering hiring some help. But I hate it when people come over and see the mess, and also people seem to intrude in my life when I don’t want them here. I need to just develop some really good habits which I plan to do, so I can just do it all myself.

Everybody seems to be working very hard lately. It’s like when it rains it pours.

Then again there’s other people that just don’t want to have to work so they just don’t come in or they call in sick and then someone else has to carry the extra load.

You can be tired in many different ways, and usually all those ways at one time.

I’m trying to look at the bright side of things right now. There are good things coming. I know. I will just try to gather my strength, any way I can. I will try and get more sleep, not do anything tonight, except close my eyes and go to bed. If I can’t sleep, then I will get up and do some cleaning. But I think I know I’ll be able to sleep because sleeping is better and easier than having to face a sink full of dirty dishes. Nevertheless, my truck is full of groceries, I just got back from the store, now I have to put everything away and take care of my diabetic Pomeranian. The Merry-Go-Round doesn’t quit.

 I will find the strength, now that I have unloaded on my blog. It’s better to be too busy than bored. I’m no longer bored, just tired.

This diabetic Pomeranian is very feisty in the early morning hours

2 Strange Scenarios


Today I encountered 2 Strange Scenarios.
Both happened while I was out on the streets with my dogs on our daily 1 hour walk.
I was happily walking my two fur kids, whilst listening to The Tim Ferris show. It was the second half of his interview with Mike Rowe.
As the dogs and I walked on, a big Suburban slowed down and a creepy elderly man tried
to chat me up.
“I see you have two dogs for protection,” he uttered.
I looked at him, and then at a guy mowing the front yard across the street.
I felt relieved there was a witness to this strange encounter.
All I did was wave, and say, ” Thanks.”
I made a weird face, and shook my head as if to say, “Leave me alone!”
Figuring I would not take his bait, and that I was not a lonely street-walker, the lonely old man drove away.
Thank goodness!
Next I got to the top of a hill and stopped to pour water in a plastic dog bowl for my dogs to quench their thirst.
A gal came by. She was twice my size and was walking at a slow pace. As the dogs and I walked slowly behind the heavy-set gal,
I realized I would have to pass her and I was embarrassed to do so.
I wanted to cross the street,  but there are no sidewalks on the other side.
So, I mustered up the courage and hustled by her dragging my two meandering pooches.
They don’t like to be rushed either.
I felt glad the gal was at least exercising, albeit slowly.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents