Walking in the dark


This morning at 5:30, I walked to work to my radio DJ job. In the moments it took for me to walk to work, I noticed things I normally never do when the sun is up.

I chuckled to myself as I saw a newspaper man walking with his head down, texting on his smartphone. He was dragging his feet, walking very slowly. You hardly see kids delivering the paper these days. Usually they’re older people. Nowadays, they’re carrying smartphones.

I was able to look into lighted windows over shops, things I would never able to do during daylight. I saw kids drawings hung on the wall, and a creepy looking doll perched against the windowsill.

I was able to look into a cafe that I’ve never entered. The reason I’ve never entered it is because during the day you are unable to look into the building because of the window screen that prevents people looking in. Just to be clear, if I can’t see into a cafĂ© or store, then I’m not going in.