Zany days


Spring is finally here. We’re in for all kinds of roller coaster weather.
A little rain is in the forecast, also a little snow.
The nights of thunderstorms are coming this way. That is no picnic in the park when you have 2 dogs who hate thunderstorms.

Say goodbye to your sleep. The dogs will crawl into the master bed, and climb on your face and head for feelings of security and safety.
Today I had a ravishing hunger. I made a taco salad, and then I was reading about Chelsea Market. The one in New York City.

I just had to make a homemade crepe. We had fresh whole nutmeg. So I fried a delicious crepe, and I grated some fresh nutmeg, adding delicious  butter, cinnamon and maple syrup!

Some days are easier to diet than others.
Nevertheless, I do have two days off to do some house things, and get some exercise, and prepare for a big couple of weeks of solid working.
Lately my dreams have been pretty vivid. Sometimes they are of me being an alter-ego character such as a superhero or a billionaire. Sometimes I’m screaming with fright in my dream, as I’m dangling in the air, hanging off one of those cable cars that got off their cable.
The busier I get, the more strange and scary, or more strange and varied my dreams are! 🙂

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Marching ahead


It is Monday. It doesn’t feel like Monday, but I do have to work this afternoon. I worked all weekend long.
I know some people who work so much they don’t even know what day of the week it is, much less what year it is.
For those who say TGIF, they have to realize not everyone works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.
While it may be 5 o’clock somewhere, when it’s time to work, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, it’s time to work!
Everyday above ground is better than seeing your name in the obits.
Having a job is better than being unemployed. While I’m earning money other people are spending it.
Do I seem grumpy? I hope not. I have to put on a happy face. In less than 30 minutes, I’m on the air! 🙂
Enjoy your week, and your weekend. We are marching through March together! The first day of April is on Friday. There’s a week full of fun ahead, as we march ahead!

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Big brother or a good boss?


There is a lot to be said for people who employ the physically disabled and the mentally challenged.
Of course, no employee is perfect. Some people have greater strengths than others.
Yet any person who is capable is considered a good hire.
The best thing to do, if you know your strengths, is to find work utilizing them.

The best employers are those who allow us to be ourselves. But first, we would be wise to know what we need, like, and can do, before taking a new job.

There has been a lot of negative press about employers. The fact is fewer of us these days are willing to take on the responsibilities of most employers. Most of us would rather ride along as passengers than drive the bus.

Imagine having to follow ever more stringent rules and regulations, having to deal with litigatious liabilities, the management that comes with dealing with whiny employees and picky customers, not to mention rapacious vendors!

Most people would rather not have that headache. It seems most people would rather have an employer to blame, than take the personal responsibility in the event of a difficulty.

Many times people try to tell you, “Face it. In real life, you are your own boss.” If that is the case, without employer’s oversight and feedback, generally speaking, people are often very poor bosses of themselves.

Most people don’t have an inkling of what it is to really be a boss.

Having your own business, means having to deal with other people’s business as well. You deal with their dirt as well as your own.

I would rather not be a boss if that is the case. I do empathize with my bosses. Yet, it really takes a team to make a business.
For everyone, bosses included, the focus should be on being a good team player.

All the different kinds of players that assemble in a business do so under the auspices of a good boss. It is good to be grateful to a boss who does a good job being the head honcho. If the boss does not do a good job, employee retention suffers.

Praise be to the bosses who are tolerant and understanding of all the varieties of people who come through their doors. It’s a two-way street.
However, in the end, the ultimate responsibility in a business is always put on the boss. Employees can  lessen that burden through self-monitoring and trustworthiness.

Musically yours, Amy Zents

Problems and passions

wp-1457538422474.jpgYou have your problems, I have mine. You have your passions, I have mine. The key to finding out what makes us feel free is deciding what direction we should go. Do we want to be led, or must we be pushed? Are we being led by pain or by passion? Whatever we decide or do not decide to do today about our future, we know there is a measure of the outcome we can control.
Mainly, the possibilities found in establishing good habits is a great way to get the ball rolling. We can be happy by focusing on what matters. Health, home, relationships, relaxing and traveling are part of what enhances our lives. Central to a great life is our career. Work is the place to start and work rewards are many.
Problems and passions co-mingle at times, but the power of habit can help to keep us on the right track to where we want to go.

Musically yours, Amy Zents