Face the facts

imageSo, are you afraid of being yelled at? If so, then you probably don’t have what it takes to be a business success.

Apparently,  studies have shown that emotional  resilience is a mark of a key player.
My mum used to kick my butt verbally to get me to move. It was painful and I resented it. However, it did work. I didn’t like it and I wound up being mad at her, so mad, in fact, I wanted to run away from home.

I was delusional.  I believed life might offer fun instead of fear. It offers both.
Nevertheless, to be successful one must have the wherewithal to handle criticism and discipline.
Now I am stronger. My mother taught me that.
She was a pragmatist and helped me to quit lying to myself.
Hopefully,  we all have role models in our lives to help us to learn to face the facts.
If you want to run with the winners, you need to have the power to handle your feelings, stay focused, and be accountable.
If you don’t care, you will find out too late, there is no one but you to blame for your failure.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

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