Power of reading



Do you want to improve your inner world? Do you want to grow your imagination? Do you want to get deep insight in a field you may have restricted access to, or travel to a world away from where you are? Do you want to associate with supergreat people who are canny, and classy, people so full of passion, focus and determination they will overcome the most incredible odds to achieve their mission?

Then read a good book.

It takes consistent practice to switch out of the noise of the electronic attractions to crack open a book.

Nevertheless, you will be more inspired and more creative when you walk around in a good author’s book, and open your curiosity to new adventures.


 Musically yours,

Amy Zents



Fighting over Charlie Brown


Went for my big walk today. I’m trying to drop a lot of weight, so I go for big walks everyday. The two furkids love it!
Whilst I walk, I like to listen to Inspector Stone. Or some other mystery podcast. Today I was listening to Inspector Stone. His beat is a rough section of Manchester, England.
This one I was listening to was about a bunch of thugs. I thought about where I grew up in downtown Toronto. It was called Regent Park.
It was the furthest thing from royal ever!
Not like your Regent’s Park in Great Britain! 🙂
More like low-income housing!
I was bullied a lot as a kid.
Mostly, because I was weak as a kitten, and spoke like a baby. I was the youngest and babied by a single mother, and as an incredible singer I lived in a dream world of my own.
One day this girl stole my Charlie Brown comic book. I found reading comics made life better. She took my book and put it in her locker. I confronted her about it in class. I kicked my chair back and stood up. The teacher intervened. I never got my book back. I wanted to punch that girl in the face. I found that bullying creates tremendous hostility in the one being bullied.
Nevertheless, I realized in retrospect, I found so much fun in comics.
I suspect that the bullying girl wanted the same pleasure I found in Charlie Brown. Let it be.
I forgive her. I love comics! I love Snoopy, I love Charlie Brown, and I even love Lucy, the bully.

Musically yours, Amy Zents