Memories of my Mum

Amy Zents with her mum in British Columbia in 2010

My mother was born on February 27th 1936. On February 27th, last month, she would have been 81 years old.

I have a lot of precious memories of my mother, sadly she got disabled in her sixties. She had the right-of-way walking through a green light when she was run down in the crosswalk by a truck driven by a drunk driver.

She was lucky to survive after she sustained a massive brain injury and lost her sight & hearing. This was a decade before she died. Her poor husband who is older than her had to take care of her and nurse her until he himself passed away. Then she was in the care of others and had to be put in Assisted Living.

After her husband passed away, and my mother was unable to walk the dogs or care for them, we adopted their two dogs.

My mother and her husband had adopted them as puppies and raised them for five years until my husband and I brought them to live in Minnesota.

The two dogs are named Cole and Pixie.

My husband James and our two furkids

After my husband Jim and I picked  up the dogs from my mother’s house, we were shuttled to the airport by my mother’s friends.

The two dogs were checked in at the airport and we all had to take the Big Metal Bird from Seattle to Minnesota, first crossing over the Pacific from Victoria Island in a noisy boat, the Seattle Clipper.

The two frightened dogs had to hunker down in crates near a loud engine.

I went from being footloose and fancy-free to becoming a dog mom. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past seven and a half years.

The dogs have taken over my life. No matter what we do we have to always take the dogs into consideration. Especially since the Pomeranian as a diabetic.

Cole is 12
Pixie is 13

But they are a memory of my mum. They are her legacy to me because she loved them so much. When she could no longer walk them because she was too disabled and her husband had passed away, then I agreed to rescue the two dogs and not separate them from each other.

They are very happy and contented living in our house. They are a lot happier given free rein of the place.

Back in British Columbia they barked so much the police were always being called because they were bored and depressed penned in a little entry area of the house.

My mother couldn’t take care of them the way they needed to be taken care of. The dogs were much younger then and were high-spirited. They needed a lot of exercise and attention. Actually, they still do.

Some of my happiest memories as a child was seeing my mother walk through the front door after she had been at work or grocery shopping. It makes my heart rejoice when the dogs get all excited when I walk in the front door. It’s fun to see them jumping up and down and glad to see me!

Everytime I look at my dogs I am reminded of my mother and how she loved animals. Although I grew up in the heart of urban Toronto, we always had animals as pets.

There were the white mice, Flinky and Twinkie, cute cuddly cats named Sammy and Susie and others, a tan chihuahua named Fritzie, a brindle Bull Terrier, a brown and white guinea pig named Joey, Myrtle the Turtle, a budgie bird, and many others over the years.

Having pets is a good thing. I think it taught me empathy more than anything. I’m very grateful to my mother for being an animal lover and for her two dogs who light up my life everyday.

A loud fan and a good movie

Please rocket man stay away!


It’s begun. The 4th of July fireworks.

I am a pet owner. I have a 12 year old high-strung Poodle, and 13 year old blind, scared Pomeranian.

I have to turn the television on to buffer the sounds of exploding fireworks outside my window.

Every boom, blast and bang upsets the little critters.

If there’s another way to celebrate our independence besides making loud noises, I would gladly subscribe.

The dogs are in the house, by me.

Tonight will have to be one of those nights when it’s early to bed, with a loud fan and a good movie!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents 

Our Two Best Friends


We have two best friends, They are our exercise machines. They are our doorbells, and our private security guards.
They are like psychiatrists, that provide us with the invisible drug called, “puppy love.”
Yet, they are getting older too.
The 13 year old Pomeranian called Pixie has a laundry list of ailments that are chronic and incurable, such as blindness, diabetes and Cushing’s disease.
Yet, that does not lessen her lovability, or her love ability!
The lively, rambunctious 12 year old Poodle named Cole, is the joy of our existence as well.
However, like a diva, he is needy, codependent and a little bi-polar.
He shrieks when he wants his way.
But, since we spoil him, we love him anyway.
No, seriously, although they are aging, we owe them our gratitude for all the affection and exercise they add to our lives.
The old saying holds true “lf you want loyalty get a dog.”
I hate it when old dogs are mocked on TV for aging. Whilst their doggy bodies may start to crumble, in this stage of life’s cruel passage, a little love and care will brighten their existence.
They deserve our gratitude at any age for their
unconditional, and unconventional love.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents

Amy Zents Vents


OK. I admit it. My two dogs are not angels. Nevertheless, when they go for walks they are leashed!

We (my two dogs + I,) had two adrenaline spikes that nearly made us faint this week.
The first happened at the intersection of State  and Fifth South (an unmarked intersection.)
An evil woman with a vacant head and a heavy foot in a dark Suburban drove towards the dogs and me as we attempted to cross State street. She accelerated and nearly ran us down. I wondered if she was blind or else had a perverse mind.The dogs and I had to race to get out of her path, to escape her idiotic driving.
The second adrenaline spike happened midweek, on a lovely Spring evening when I thought I’d walk the dogs on a different route.
We lazily sauntered up a sidewalk when 2 large barking dogs appeared without a leash aggressively attacking my two dogs.
The owner, a middle-aged neighbour came out of her house yelling at the dogs. They paid her no mind. The two big dogs saw their chance, and until they got yanked back to the house, they continued terrifying my two dogs + me!
Happily, no one was injured.
Speaking of injuries, I had to phone the police awhile back regarding someone’s cat. This tells you how much some people care. The cat lay dead on the road outside my door. I couldn’t bear to look at the sweet little thing. It’s owners let it out. It only has 1 life. So do you. So do I. So do our dogs.
Please follow the rules.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents