Amy Zents Vents


OK. I admit it. My two dogs are not angels. Nevertheless, when they go for walks they are leashed!

We (my two dogs + I,) had two adrenaline spikes that nearly made us faint this week.
The first happened at the intersection of State  and Fifth South (an unmarked intersection.)
An evil woman with a vacant head and a heavy foot in a dark Suburban drove towards the dogs and me as we attempted to cross State street. She accelerated and nearly ran us down. I wondered if she was blind or else had a perverse mind.The dogs and I had to race to get out of her path, to escape her idiotic driving.
The second adrenaline spike happened midweek, on a lovely Spring evening when I thought I’d walk the dogs on a different route.
We lazily sauntered up a sidewalk when 2 large barking dogs appeared without a leash aggressively attacking my two dogs.
The owner, a middle-aged neighbour came out of her house yelling at the dogs. They paid her no mind. The two big dogs saw their chance, and until they got yanked back to the house, they continued terrifying my two dogs + me!
Happily, no one was injured.
Speaking of injuries, I had to phone the police awhile back regarding someone’s cat. This tells you how much some people care. The cat lay dead on the road outside my door. I couldn’t bear to look at the sweet little thing. It’s owners let it out. It only has 1 life. So do you. So do I. So do our dogs.
Please follow the rules.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents