Smiley’s Tavern Open Mic

A beatbox and bongos are part of the mix at open mic for adventurous musicians

I would like to post something daily for the next 16 weeks to develop a writer’s discipline. Last weekend my husband and I attended open mic night at Smiley’s Tavern.

Smiley’s Tavern has a storied history. It is not the most glamorous bar on the planet.

A terrible upstairs fire that threatened it’s existence a decade ago, only seemed to temper it. To my surprise, the owners just fixed it up and put it back in working order.

 I spent a lot of hours at Smileys with my husband in our courting days. It is where we used to sit and smoke cigarettes and drink beer before such things became verboten.

It’s a very informal tavern. Folks play cards in the other room, and there is a full bar with an assortment of spirits and soft drinks to imbibe.

However, we just go for open mic night. The people that belong to NUMOSS, or New Ulm Musicians Open mic society are a talented bunch and a fun group of grown-ups with an eclectic taste in music. Some of the music is original, but most of what you hear are cover songs. 

That’s okay, people like the tried and true.

Smiling at Smiley’s Tavern

Our Two Best Friends


We have two best friends, They are our exercise machines. They are our doorbells, and our private security guards.
They are like psychiatrists, that provide us with the invisible drug called, “puppy love.”
Yet, they are getting older too.
The 13 year old Pomeranian called Pixie has a laundry list of ailments that are chronic and incurable, such as blindness, diabetes and Cushing’s disease.
Yet, that does not lessen her lovability, or her love ability!
The lively, rambunctious 12 year old Poodle named Cole, is the joy of our existence as well.
However, like a diva, he is needy, codependent and a little bi-polar.
He shrieks when he wants his way.
But, since we spoil him, we love him anyway.
No, seriously, although they are aging, we owe them our gratitude for all the affection and exercise they add to our lives.
The old saying holds true “lf you want loyalty get a dog.”
I hate it when old dogs are mocked on TV for aging. Whilst their doggy bodies may start to crumble, in this stage of life’s cruel passage, a little love and care will brighten their existence.
They deserve our gratitude at any age for their
unconditional, and unconventional love.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents