Musing over Muesli

Morning muesli

Yesterday I found out that art helps us in our emotional growth.

I went to a pow wow of sorts at the local arts center regarding the direction of the Grand.

The future of art

I found out that some people feel that art is not for them.

Yet throughout the ages, art has been significant in every culture.

I have seen all kinds of art.

To be honest some of it has downright puzzled me. “What’s that?” I sometimes wonder.

As a singer and a songwriter, I don’t always think of music as being an art per se. I think of it as musical storytelling. It’s fun and entertaining.

My music duo, Molly and Sonny Boy

However music is a means of self-expression. It is an art.

My preference is towards the wordy arts.

I like songs and stories and film.

I like accessible art as well.

I like mainly realism and functional arts and crafts.

I like pops of color as well, for décor and inspiration.

So now, I will continue musing about art over my muesli this morning.

Good question

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