It was like Instant Karma. I was just talking about my dog’s teeth cleaning and extraction, when somehow one of my bottom teeth snapped and I lost part of a filling. So now I need to go to the dentist and get the tooth edge smoothed off until I can get in for a drill and re-fill, or crown.
Interestingly enough, since I am planning a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia soon, I researched our founding fathers and found out that Paul Revere, the patriot and silversmith learned dentistry under a Mr. Baker, and made dentures and practiced forensic dentistry.
I went to the dentist and it cost over $61 just to shave down the rough part of my tooth and now it will cost another grand to get a crown. Just don’t ask me to put on a pinafore and act in one of those History Channel shows as Martha Washington. That is the big gripe with my dentist, how all those actors with their shiny, white smiles in no way resemble the real early Americans with their rotten teeth. In fact the British noticed Americans teeth and said they were horrible. Now everyone says the British have the worst teeth. Thank goodness for modern dentistry. How far you have come!

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