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Sometime in the future I predict we will be able to call a Medical Center and ask for a medical procedure without having to go through a receptionist. Perhaps we could push a button to make an appointment. Perhaps such a thing already exists and I have no clue about it. I recently found out our Medical Center is offering Botox injections. I decided to call and make an appointment for a consultation. My reception was met with confusion. I had to repeat 3 times the nature of my call. It made me feel very shameful and embarrassed to have to explain over and over again what I wanted. I raised my voice, and lowered my tone: “Botox,” I said, again. Finally, they told me they needed to talk to the nurse and they would have to call me back. I felt an ache in the pit of my stomach. I would have preferred to deal with an impersonal menu button. It got me thinking about other people who need to call about medical appointments. Does the receptionist need to know all the details of your visit? A nurse finally called me back. She told me they will not be getting started with the Botox until March. They said the scheduler will call me back in order to put me on the list. Someone just called me and said they were only just informed about this new service and they are still awaiting approval on it. I will go in Monday at 830am for a consultation. I went to a hair salon to have my hair done and spoke to the hairstylist about it yesterday. She said I didn’t look as if I needed Botox. Bless her lovely heart.

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