Time has come today

Starting 11 days ago, I began counting my calories.

True, I took an hiatus from the scale all winter long.


To quote the song by the Chamber Brothers, “Time has Come Today.”


The time has come to quit too much unlimited fun eating and boozing. Mind you, I do allow for a few treats each day, but they are planned and oh so appreciated!

It seems restrictions heighten enjoyments.

I use my smartphone app, Samsung Health, to track my physical progress, including steps, food, sleep and weight.

Now I do not avoid the scale. I get on that sucker every morning and follow my calorie budget of 1450 a day.

I will stick to the plan for I heartily believe that a diet is like a marriage, it doesn’t work if you cheat.

Less self-loathing

Soy bacon, chili, egg, Sriracha, Poblano pepper & chedder for breakfast this morning

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor for my ankle.

I had a sprain a long time ago that never healed properly.

I had to get on the dreaded scale.

For most of my adult life I have been anxious about my weight.

There was a period when I was in college, when I was very slim and I never even thought twice about what I was eating and drinking.

I had enough movement and exercise in my life that my weight was not an issue.

I was a non-traditional student in my thirties and I had to park far, far away from my main college, the performing arts center.

After things settled down and I had some issues with car accidents and such, I put some pounds on.

From then it was terrible and I weighed too much, way more than I do now.

Me, today.

About six months ago, after a great amount of effort working on dropping 10 pounds, I decided to give it up.

I realized that although I wish I were tiny like before, unless I quit eating the way I do, I won’t be skinny.

I was plagued with guilt and self-disgust night and day.

Finally, I said to myself, I need a break from this emotional tumult.

So for the past 6 months I stayed away from the scale.

Yesterday I had to get on the scale at the clinic. It had been 6 months of freedom from worry about weight.

I really thought I’d gained too much weight and that I was way heavier than before.

To my surprise, that was not the case.

It seems all those years of anxiety were futile.

The conclusion I came to was this.

You can either get away with being fat and forget about it, or you can get on with losing weight.

Every day is a new choice and a new beginning.

Go ahead and be active and eat healthy, and try your best.

But let go of the guilt and suffering because it’s not worth it.

American Flab

Land of the free and the fat!

Oh say can you see all the American Flab?

Many people pledge allegiance to the American flab.

When I was very skinny and went to Holland I told the guys that I was Canadian while l rode on the backs of their bikes.

They warned me that if I stayed in the United States for a long time I would become obese.

Most Americans are fat, they said. They don’t live a very healthy lifestyle like the Dutch do.

I scoffed and I looked down my nose. Thank you, I said. That’s not true about me. It could never happen to me.

Well now that I tip the scales at 195 pounds, when I used to be a hundred and eighteen pounds, I think their prediction came true. I’m doing everything I can to try to lose weight but the temptation of food is much too great.

I guess it must be the American way!

Musically yours,

Amy Zents