Thursday Book Review: M.C. Beaton Mystery Series from Book to Screen

Do you prefer the character of Agatha Raisin,

The TV actress does not physically resemble the author’s portrayal of Agatha Raisin in her books

or Hamish Macbeth?

Robert Carlyle is too short for the author’s portrayal of Hamish

I have read both series by the late M.C. Beaton aka Marion Chesney.

I feel the reason the Hamish Macbeth series is so readable and likable is because the author grew up in the very country Hamish is from!

I love mystery doused with comedy, and if you do too, Hamish Macbeth is for you!

Whether you are on Team Agatha or Team Hamish, keep in mind the books are always way better than the shows on TV!

I like Ashley Jenner and I like Robert Carlyle as actors, nevertheless, I think perky, blonde Ashley Jenner would be an ideal in the character’s mind, but bears little resemblance to the close-set, bearlike-eyed, thick-waisted, and brown-haired Agatha Raisin of the Agatha Raisin novels!

Also, 5’8″ Robert Carlyle is no 6 foot plus tall police constable Hamish Macbeth. 6′ 1″ David Tennant would probably suit the role of Hamish Macbeth a whole lot better.

I imagine it would mean hiring shorter actors amd lowering ceilings to see the gangly Hamish bumping his head on door entrances!

(No. Unrelated to all this, I am not pleased with Anna Chancellor playing Lord Veternari either in Terry Pratchett’s TV rendition of, “The Watch.”)

To summarize, the books are way better, and sorry if I was harsh in my critique.

Nevertheless, M.C. Beaton is a fine writer and her books are a lot of fun!

Question: Have you ever been disappointed with a character’s film portrayal in comparison to the book?

British Mysteries

The game’s afoot!

I think I have always loved British mysteries.  Agatha Christie of course is the consummate mystery writer. Then, of course the BBC does such a fine job presenting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s genius detective Sherlock Holmes.

Who doesn’t enjoy all the BBC specials on PBS such as “Mystery”once hosted by  Diana Rigg?

Tonight I discovered a wonderful television mystery series called Chandler & Company about a housewife and her friend who become private eyes.

There are so many police shows and detective shows that are most enjoyable from British TV. I enjoy Inspector Morse, and all the other Inspector shows as well.

One of my favorite  actresses is Margaret Rutherford.

Not to be outdone is Rumpole of the Old Bailey, a comical caricature similar to Margaret Rutherford’s character  Miss Marple.

It seems when people get older in British mysteries, their peccadilloes,and peculiarities become more endearing making  old-age less frightening.

Have a hot cup of tea and a crumpet, or a small bottle of beer and enjoy being transported through British television to a world of quaint delight.

The message of the mystery may be rather macabre, but the thrill of the chase and the solution laid bare, is always a crowd pleaser in the end.