British Mysteries

The game’s afoot!

I think I have always loved British mysteries.  Agatha Christie of course is the consummate mystery writer. Then, of course the BBC does such a fine job presenting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s genius detective Sherlock Holmes.

Who doesn’t enjoy all the BBC specials on PBS such as “Mystery”once hosted by  Diana Rigg?

Tonight I discovered a wonderful television mystery series called Chandler & Company about a housewife and her friend who become private eyes.

There are so many police shows and detective shows that are most enjoyable from British TV. I enjoy Inspector Morse, and all the other Inspector shows as well.

One of my favorite  actresses is Margaret Rutherford.

Not to be outdone is Rumpole of the Old Bailey, a comical caricature similar to Margaret Rutherford’s character  Miss Marple.

It seems when people get older in British mysteries, their peccadilloes,and peculiarities become more endearing making  old-age less frightening.

Have a hot cup of tea and a crumpet, or a small bottle of beer and enjoy being transported through British television to a world of quaint delight.

The message of the mystery may be rather macabre, but the thrill of the chase and the solution laid bare, is always a crowd pleaser in the end.

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