Online or in-person?

It’s a cold and windy world outside today

There is so much you can do nowadays online.

You can do your banking and shopping and never have to see a soul.

Yesterday I went to the bank in person.

It was sort of a stinky experience at first.

There was no end to the waiting or so it seemed.

There were only 2 bank tellers available: one was dealing with the drive-through customers and the other at the desk, was dealing with a gentleman who had a lot of problems.

I tried going over by the drive-through window inside the bank, but I was told that it would be awhile.

I went back over to where the teller was with the gentleman, but it seemed somebody had walked in the bank, and now she got ahead of me, so I had to wait some more.

In my mind I was thinking of the day when brick and mortar banks would be no more.

Yet there was something nostalgic about being in a real live bank.  That’s where the money is, and that’s where my childhood memories lay. I remember my first bank book. I felt so proud.

Eventually I was able to talk to the main teller and withdraw some cash.

She did not apologize for my long wait which surprised me. Perhaps she didn’t even notice me there, or really didn’t care.

Anyways, I spoke with her and made a few jokes about how cash makes one more frugal than when using plastic.

Next I went to the grocery store and had to wait in line again, for a long time.

It seems I chose the wrong check out line again.

There was a man writing a check and he was taking his sweet time.

It seemed like he was doing it in slow motion.

There were 2 other people ahead of me in line as well.

When I finally got to the cashier, the woman was rough handling my tonic waters and throwing them into the bags carelessly. I told her they might explode if she does that.

I should not have said anything because she just basically ignored me and roughly threw the other things into the sacks as well.

So the jury is out. Online or in-person?

If you enjoy experiencing people then get out there in person.

If you prefer efficiency, perhaps just doing it online is much easier.

Inspiration found through Information

A little walk, a little sit, a little sip, can inspire a great idea!

Walking often yields my inspiration, but so does surfing online.

If you’re looking to be creative, walking certainly makes a difference. You don’t even have to walk very far, just four or five blocks will suffice. It’s an opportunity which affords the brain to formulate an idea.

Right now I’m enjoying my Teavana Earl Grey creme, and reflecting on recent thoughts.

I think we live in a society where we are often drained of our inspiration by people, politics, and events.

I look back on some of my blog posts and the things I’ve published. Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder what I was nattering on about. I must admit some of my earlier posts were pretty rough. Some of them even seemed nonsensical and scattered.

Nevertheless, some of of my WordPress posts were truly inspired. Especially those based on real-life experience. There are lessons to be learned every day.

From personal experience we can glean not only punishment but precious rewards.

Learning from personal experience is one of the the harshest ways to learn, but maybe that’s why the lesson sticks.

However, I do find inspiration and consolation in some of my previous blog posts, and the blog posts of others.

Musically yours,

Amy Zents