Worried about everything

Growing up in a big city was very stressful.

City girl in a scary world!

My mother put a good fright in us.

We had to be wary of everyone and everything.

There were people who tried to abduct me in stairwells and city parks.

Happily, I always had someone near me to protect little me.

When I moved to the country I was still very frightened.

I would always lock my doors and I would never talk to strangers.

If I look back I think I did everything right.

In this day and age you can never be too careful.

As I’ve often heard it said here in the Midwest, trust in God but lock your car!

My new beach kite

Up, up and away!

The beach kite came and went.

Hubby and I put it together and after a few attempts at getting it to fly, it was finally soaring.

The kite string was screaming and the handle of the kite spool broke off!

Away went the kite on it’s own over the fields and far away.

It finally came to rest on a tall tree far off in the distance where it got all tangled up in branches.

It had it’s day in the sun!

Icarus the kite!
Settled in a tree